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Tales of the Past
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12: Tales Of the Past

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Chapter 11: Lost

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Chapter 13: Lost and Found

Chapter 12: Tales of the Past

Everything was quiet and the Avatar was resting in her home in the South Pole. Korra was sleeping while she began to dream about how she had hurt June. It had only been a couple of hours since June had been worked on by Katara...and in the morning, Tenzin, Korra, and June would return to Air Temple Island..

Korra: Maybe I should just stay here and let Tenzin take June..

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared in her room. Lo and behold, it was Avatar Aang himself. He had shown up to guide Korra on the right path...

Korra: Aang!!

Aang: Korra.

Korra: What are you doing here?

Aang: I've come to tell you a story from my life!!

Korra: Really??

Aang: Yes. During my life, I was an ambitious type of kid. It was during the Hundred Year War; I wanted to master firebending before I learned waterbending. I didn't follow the cycle; I wanted to learn while I could.

Korra: Really!!

Aang: Yes. During this, I learned how to firebend, but in the process, I hurt the one I loved. I burned Katara, and from that, I never wanted to firebend again. But in time, I had found a new teacher in Zuko and he taught me how to control it. Avatar Korra, I offer you this advice, don't fret about what has happened, worry about the future and what it beholds.

Out of nowhere, Aang disappeared. Korra let out a big sigh!!

Korra said: What does that mean, don't worry about the do they know what the future holds, huh...

Korra put her face into her pillow and tried to sleep off what was left of the night. Before she knew it, she was on Oogi, Tenzin's sky bison, and was flying back to Republic City, the place where all the drama and turmoil had started.

Tenzin: Korra, why are you being so quiet, huh??

Korra: Aang came to me last night...

Korra had a bad look on her face.

Tenzin: Really, and what did he say?

Korra: He told me about a problem he had in his life and gave me advice; he told me "Don't fret about what has happened, worry about the future and what it beholds". I don't know what he could have meant, you know.

Tenzin: What I think he was trying to tell you is that the ones that love you will forgive you. You just have find forgiveness in yourself.

Korra: Well, why couldn't he put it that way!!

Tenzin: It's not simple!

Korra and Tenzin began to talk even more about what Aang could have meant while Yumi was next to June and holding him in her arms!!

Yumi: It's all right; we're on our way back to the air temple, okay...

June: I know.

June touched Yumi's face.

June: I love you!!

Yumi: I love you too... Yumi leaned in for a kiss while she still had the time with June.

Joo Dee was sitting there reading a book. She had gotten it from Katara..

Joo Dee: This is so awesome!!

Everyone was doing their own thing while on their way back to the temple. It was a relaxing time for everyone.

I knew that Korra would figure her path. This path may be hard, but she always has people she can count on...

To be continued in chapter 13: Lost and Found

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