Avatar Adventures: Book 1: Seasons Chapter 11: Lost
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11: Lost

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Chapter 11: Lost

On their way back to the Southern Water Tribe village, June's wound was getting worse. While Korra was in the Avatar State, she had thrown June into the fountain at the lost air temple. The Avatar had not said a word since June's uncle, Tenzin, had came to get them.

Tenzin: Korra, when we get back, we are going to have a serious talk. Tenzin used a loud-toned voice. He then looked back at June...

Tenzin: How's he doing??

Yukoda: Not so good. He's lost a lot of blood, Uncle.

Yumi: Tenzin, is he going to make it??

Joo Dee: Yeah, Tenzin, is he??

Tenzin: I Know June Is a fighter. He'll make it!!

The gang surrounded June with concern and left Korra to herself...June then looked at Korra.

June: Korra...

Korra then looked over at June with fear in her face...

Korra: What's wrong??

June: I'm fine...don't worry, okay...I don't blame you... With a concerned voice, June looked at Korra and then passed out.

Yumi: TENZIN, HE PASSED OUT!! Yumi screamed with agony in her voice.

Tenzin: He'll be fine; we're almost to the village. Tenzin looked like he was worried about his nephew.

Joo Dee: Tenzin, we're going to rush him to Katara, right??? Joo Dee asked and then looked at Yukoda.

Tenzin: Yes, my mother will be able to help him. Tenzin said with frustration.

The group landed and Tenzin went to the back and picked up June and rushed him to Katara.

Tenzin: Mother, June's been hurt!!

Katara: Bring him in!

Katara immediately went to work on June's bleeding back. Everyone scattered, waiting for the verdict of what was to become of the young airbender.

Yumi: Korra!! It's going to be okay... we all know you didn't hurt June on purpose.

Yumi said this with a kind, compassionate voice.

Joo Dee: Yeah Korra, don't blame yourself; you were worried about Mako.

Yukoda: Korra, it's not okay to hurt you friend, but I know it wasn't on purpose, so I'll forgive you.

Korra: I hurt June and you guys are still all worried about how I feel.

Korra began to walk back and forth.

Tenzin: Korra, we need to talk!!

Tenzin spoke with a toned voice that was enhanced by his airbending.

Tenzin walked outside and Korra followed. The two went to Kya's house, where Tenzin sat down and began to stroke his beard.

Tenzin: Have a seat.

Korra sat down without hesitation.

Korra: Tenzin, I'm sorry about what happened!!

Tenzin: You still have a lot to learn, Korra!! The Avatar must be able to control the Avatar State and not go crazy while in it.

Korra: I know, but I was just so mad that this man might have known something about where Mako might be and well, June got in the way and I just lost it!

Tenzin: You must control your anger and how you go about the situation!!

Korra: I will. I hope June is all right...

All of sudden, Yukoda came running in.


Tenzin, Korra and Yukoda went back to the house, where Katara was waiting.

Everyone stared with worry on their faces.

Yumi: Tell us, is June going to be okay??

Joo Dee: Yeah, please tell us!

Katara: June has lost a lot of blood and was wounded really badly due the impact of the fountain. We had to remove a lot of rock and dirt to get it clean, but June will be fine. I've healed him to the best of my abilities. Korra, he's calling for you..

Korra ran into the room where June was laying. June was wrapped in white bandages and was breathing heavily. Korra went beside him.

Korra: Hey June, how are you feeling??

June: I'm fine...just are you, huh??

Korra: After all that's happened, you're still worried about how I feel!!

June: Of course I'm worried; don't worry, okay...

June picked up Korra's hand.

June: It's okay, all right, we know where to look now. Okay...

Korra: Yeah, we know now.

Korra began to hug June and the two shared a moment.

June: Don't ever go out again!!

To be continued in Chapter 12: Tales of the Past.

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