Avatar Adventures: Book 1: Seasons Chapter 10: Connections
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Chapter 10: Connections

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Chapter 10: Connections

June: Korra!!!

June, Yumi, Joo Dee, And Yukoda came rushing down the path until they got to the court yard...there they saw Korra bending a large man. He was fighting with incredible strength; this man also was the man with the phoenix tattoo.

Yumi: June, what are you waiting for? Help her!!

June then began to bend the air around him; he caught up to Korra by using the air scooter to get to the Avatar.

June: Korra!! Are you okay??

Korra: June!! Why did you follow me!!

June: You idiot; how could you just leave...

Korra began to earthbend the ground around June and herself. Then, out of nowhere, a big rock was thrown at the giant man...

Joo Dee: Yeah Korra, you can't get rid of me that easily!!

Yumi then began to thrown fire punches at the man.

Yumi: Korra, you can't just leave without anyone!!

Then Yukoda began to throw icicles at the man!!

Yukoda: Yeah Korra, we're your friends, you can't just fight by yourself!!!

June then threw a gust of air at the large man, knocking him to the ground.

June: Now Korra, bend him into the ground!!

Korra, with the help of Joo Dee, bent the earth into a crater, making the man sink into the ground!!

Man with the phoenix tattoo: What the heck's your problem??

Korra: Tell me, what did you do with Mako!!!

Man with the phoenix tattoo: I don't know what you're talking about!

Korra: You do too. Tell me, what did you do with the firebender!!

Man with the phoenix tattoo: What are you talking about, Avatar!!

Korra got even madder and made the man sink even further into the ice...

Korra: If you don't want to be frozen, I would tell the truth!!

Man with the phoenix tattoo: I don't Know what you're talking about. Please let me go!!

Korra then proceeded to get even madder and started to sink the man even farther into the ground...

June: Korra calm down....Korra...

Korra then airbended June and threw him into the fountain that was situated by the man.

June: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...

June's back hit the top of the fixture. He fell to the ground and began to gasp for air...

Yukoda: Big brother!!

Yumi: June!!

Joo Dee: Master!!!

Korra then suddenly went into the Avatar State. She lifted into the air with an air spout and began to bend the water from the fountain.

Man with the phoenix tattoo: Please Avatar, I don''...ttII... I don't know what you're talking about. I've lived here for the past three years; I've never even been to Republic City!!!

June got to his feet; he had blood dripping down his back.

June: Yumi!! He's gasping for air...

Yumi: June, what??

June: You have to get Joo Dee and Yukoda out of here...

Yumi: But June!!

Yukoda: Big brother, what are you talking about!!

Joo Dee: If we're going to go, we need to leave now!!

June: Get out, okay!!

June then began to airbend and pushed back his friends towards the gate...

Yumi: June!!

June: Just go. I'll get her...

June then began to make his way to Korra!!

June: Korra, stop...I know you think this is that man, but it's not...

Korra began to go higher.

Man with the phoenix tattoo: Please Avatar, please stop. I don't want to die, I have a family back in the village!!!

June: Korra, stop...Korra, maybe this man can tell us something about The Phoenixes!!

Korra began to descend from the air and fell into June's arms!!

June: It's okay!!

June begins to hug Korra!

Korra: I don't know what to do; we've been looking for a while and nothing!!

Korra began to hug June back...

June: It's okay.

Korra: Maybe you're right; I need help. I can't do everything on my own!!

June pulled Korra to her feet and June fell back to his feet and began to bleed even more from his back.

June: I'm fine. Just let him go, okay...

Korra: I'm sorry, it's my fault that you're hurt...

Korra started to bend the earth around the man; this made the man pop up!!

Korra: Now tell me what you know about The Phoenixes.

The man with the phoenix tattoo: I was a part of them, but I ran away and came here. The last time I know of their hideout was near Omashu!!

The man ran away in fright. Korra went to June.

Out of nowhere, Tenzin arrived on Oogi and went immediately to June.

Tenzin: Korra, what have you done??

Korra: I'm sorry, Tenzin!

Tenzin picked up June and put him into the saddle; the other came running in and climbed on Oogi. Korra climbed into the saddle and they began to fly back to the village!!

With the lost temple fading into the distance, Korra began to cry while Yumi was comforting June through his pain.

Yumi: Juney!!

June: I'm fine!!

Yumi leaned towards June and she began to lightly kiss his lips...

Joo Dee: Gross!!

Yukoda: I know.

To be continued in Chapter 11: Lost

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