Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Adenah in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Adenah
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This fanfic tells the story of Avatar Adenah, a sixteen year old firebender born into a Fire Nation family and brought up as any other girl. When she discovers that she is the Avatar she is taken on a journey which will lead her though all four nations.

Book One: Air

In the first book Adenah is discovered to be the new Avatar. She is taken to the Southern Air Temple to learn airbending, and there she meets a boy, the same age as her by the name of Shen, but he is not like the other nomads...

Book 2: Water

Adenah's journey now takes her to the Southern Water Tribe where she will be taught waterbending under a renowned master.

Book 3: Earth

Adenah journeys to the Earth Kingdom to learn her final element and become a full Avatar.

Author's Notes

  • This fanon is AU as I planned that the Avatar would be the unnamed Avatar that preceded Avatar Yangchen.
  • I'm planning three different parts to Avatar Adenah: Book One: Air, Book 2: Water and Book 3: Earth.


Book One: Air

  • Adenah - The new Avatar, born into the Fire Nation and brought up in a wealthy merchant family she is determined, confident, easy-going and enjoys life and is eager to begin her path as the Avatar. Adenah has brown eyes and dark slightly wavy hair, standing 5ft 5".
  • Shou - Adenah's older brother, he is a firebender and takes after his father, having dark hair and a serious view on life.
  • Xuan - A friend of Adenah's and a firebender. He is the grandson of Longwei, Adanah's firebending tutor.
  • Longwei - An underrated firebending master and tutor, he has taught Adenah everything he knows and is proud of her.
  • Shen - An airbender the same age as Adenah, he has dark hair which flops over his face and a tall, athletic frame. He doesn't initially take kindly to people he doesn't know, and is a loner.


Book One: Air

  • Prologue: Adenah
  • Chapter One: In the Morning (to be added soon)
  • Chapter Two: The Order of the White Lotus (to be added soon)
  • Chapter Three: TBA

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