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"Stay a while, and listen."
—A warning sign that the Avatar is about to tell a boring story

The Avatar as he appears in the distant, troubled future. He is highly spiritual in a world that is not, practices pacifism when few else do, and believes in compassion when others have hardened their hearts.

Alternatively, think of him as a cross between Superman and Mr. Miyagi. No, seriously, do it.

Life Before Avatar Duty

The Avatar was raised at a rest stop in the Underworks where he helped travelers through the difficult terrain and impasses. In truth, he is an Airbender born to an emancipated Earthbending slave and an Air Nomad. While he himself was not born into servitude, his father had him learn metalbending as an apprentice. His mother was not present during any of this time, but the Avatar once remarked to his companions that, while he was growing up, he would sometimes feel a gentle wind at his back. Incidentally, the Avatar was not explicitly told of his heritage until his father laid on his deathbed.

Some years afterwards, the Avatar was discovered by one of the rogue nomads, Zu's sister. She attempted to inform the Avatar about the status of the world and implored him to help, but he declined and said he must think on the matter as well as consult the spirits. She suggested trying to single out the spirits of the past Avatars before leaving to contact other nomads, saying that she would return, but she did not. Still, she did reach others in her group, the teacher known simply as Teach and his current student and her brother, Zu. After meditating on the issue and learning more about the world and his role as the Avatar, he began taking his first steps to bring balance and peace back to the world.

As an Avatar

The Avatar wasted no time in re-establishing himself. Or, at least, he thinks he wasted no time; Teach and Zu arrived at the rendezvous at a southern Earth Kingdom town a full week before he did where they met Hong, Sing, and Sabat. Teach tried to reprimand him but it was to no effect, but Hong was adamant that the stories she had heard of the great and legendary Avatar pointed to an unassuming old man and not some strong resistance fighter. The Avatar arrived just in time, at any rate, as an Earth Kingdom force was performing an "emergency resource hunt" on the town. He attempted to reason with the force and then negotiated his own belongings (i.e. his shirt and hat as that's all he had aside from his pants and sandals) and to Teach and the others' chargin the raiding party humored him without taking his scant belongings, leaving the settlement alone, for now... and almost immediately afterwards they attacked as Sing's impersonation (of a soldier) was off. Fortunately, the Avatar shows that his definition of "pacifism" does not mean "will not act in defense" and blocks, counters, and redirects each and every one of the squad's attacks. Their captain eventually gets back to their helicopter and attempts to use its armnaments, but the Avatar cuts its rotors with one well-aimed air blade before finishing the skirmish by catching the vehicle with a combination of an air cushion and metalbending.

Character & Abilities

The Avatar is a thoughtful and sometimes whimsical man. Take your basic kindly master from any kung fu film and that's this Avatar in a nutshell. An important distinction, however, is that he is not yet a master, not as mastering all four elements is concerned. Although his spirituality grants him a deeper understanding of bending as arts and not simply as tools, his only mastery is in Earth(and metal)bending. Still, the fact that he's already obtained a mastery of his opposing element as well as on the way to mastering his own speaks well as far as his progress is concerned. The fact that his tasks require metalbending to even consider facing is an added bonus as the Avatar is one of the most powerful metalbenders in the world.

Although others view it as a crippling weakness, the Avatar firmly believes in giving other people a chance, whether it be to prove or redeem themselves or something else. While this is fine against lesser foes who are clearly little harm and even persuades a few to join his cause, it does give him and his allies trouble when they meet adversaries who do know what they're doing and do not believe in second chances, such as the Bones or Zhao. Amongst his other ideals, the Avatar is also quickly made known to the people through his daily meditation which is the one thing he refuses to compromise over. This leads to certain problems when the group finds it necessary to act at this time. He will still defend the party if they are directly attacked, however, but not if the group has gone on a mission without him.

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