Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: War of Nations in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

War of Nations
New century, new adventures
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Avatar: War of Nations is a story written by Dragonfire333 It tells of the new Avatar's journey to defeat a powerful foe that has it's sight set on the dysfunctional four nations.


Set a good millennia after Legend of Korra, the world has nearly destroyed itself due to its countless wars and fallen to near dystopian levels. The earth is ravaged in majority of its parts and the four nations capitals have cut themselves off from anything outside it's major districts, leaving the outsiders to fend for themselves.

In the far reaches of the world seemingly secluded from the other nations grows a force that promises to restore the land to the peace and it once was. Though their promises seem to mean well, the foreigners may have underlying reasons behind their offer of help. The world may have to rely on an Avatar that doesn't want to help them.

War of Nations Chapters:

  1. Just the Beginning
  2. Same Old Routine
  3. Setting Sail


  • Mayuri-The new Avatar of the world. Mayuri discovered her identity by accident, overhearing her parents discussing it with the Earth King's Grand Secretariat.
  • Tao-Mayuri's cousin who is also a skilled archer and successful bounty hunter in his own right.
  • Kaoru-An energetic Firebender who is Mayuri's first companion, though she only see's him as more of her follower than a companion at first.
  • Haysumi-The Waterbending girlfriend of Kaoru who is known to have a short temper with him but cares for him deeply with the feeling being returned.
  • Yuki-Mischievous younger sister of Kaoru
  • Lee-The Airbending friend of Kaoru, Haysumi, Yuki, and Jared and brother of Maika
  • Maika-Younger sister of Lee
  • Jared-Earthbending friend of Kaoru, Haysumi, Lee, Maika, and Yuki

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