By Twilitlink Part of the Avatar: Wanted continuity.

A list of chapters from Avatar: Wanted

Book 2: Red Water

Chapter One Thanks for the Memories A month has passed since the death of Nero, Lian prepares for her assignment as Team Avatar prepares to travel to the Northern Water Tribe to recruit Master Pakku to help fight the Black Lotus. All the while everyone remembers past exploits.
Chapter Two The new Assassin As Lian leaves for her new assignment with her new apprentice, Team Avatar has an unexpected encounter with a new warrior, but is the warrior a friend or foe.
Chapter Three Breaking Barriers On the eve of the Winter Solstice Lian and her crew find Team Avatar at a port city. While they engage each other in battle Iroh and Riku arrive in Omashu to find King Bumi.
Chapter Four The Masked Ones Kaine and his team gather on Ember Island to investigate The Black Lotus Assassins.
Chapter Five The North Pole The gang arrives at the Northern Water Tribe and Master Pakku agrees to help them with the Black Lotus, but he proposes an all out war against them.
Chapter Six A Change of Plans Lian and Gao prepare to attack Team Avatar at the North Pole, but are called back to the base before they can act.
Chapter Seven Gathering the Army Team Avatar eventually agree to the war proposal. The next stage is gathering the troops, but they aren't the only ones preparing for war.
Chapter Eight The War of the Lotuses: Dying Moon The War of the Lotuses officially begins. Unfortunately for Katara, Lian, and Pakku however the first battle happens to fall on the night of a Lunar Eclipse.
Chapter Nine The War of the Lotuses: Warrior of the Moon As the battle continues Katara and Lian face off, the eclipse affects both of the Waterbenders more than they realize.
Chapter Ten The War of the Lotuses: Tears of Blood As the eclipse begins to end Lian learns a very important lesson; THE DEAD ARE NOT SILENT.

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