By Twilitlink Part of the Avatar: Wanted continuity.

A list of chapters from Avatar: Wanted

Book 1: Black Fire

Chapter One Targeted Three years after Ozai's defeat and world is at peace. Aang is traveling to the Fire Nation to visit Fire Lord Zuko. During his visit Zuko gets a disturbing message. His father Ozai was discovered dead in his cell. The body was severely burned and black flames were burning all around the cell. The killer also left a note for Zuko, telling him to get his sister away from the asylum if he cares for her at all. Zuko and Aang hurry to the asylum where Azula is being kept to find it up in black flames with a young man standing outside. The man introduces him self as Nero and immediately attacks the two. Aang and Zuko barely manage to defeat Nero, but before Zuko can finish him he is distracted by a blood curdling scream. Zuko and Aang leave Nero and rush into the burning building to save who ever screamed. They find Azula fataly burned.
Chapter Two Duel at the Tea House Aang and Zuko return to the Royal Palace in order to hold a funeral for Azula. During the ceremony Zuko decides to pursue Nero. While Aang and Mai try to talk him out of it however Nero prepares another strike against Zuko's family, his uncle Iroh.
Chapter Three Reunion As they approach the Earth Kingdom Aang and Zuko take to the sky with Appa. Their first destination is the last known whereabouts of Toph, Omashu. Upon arriving they are surprised to see Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Suki are already waiting for them. Meanwhile Nero treks across the country side toward the same location.
Chapter Four Rematch Team Avatar remained in Omashu for a few days, gathering necessary supplies for their hunt for Nero. As they prepare to leave however they are unaware that their target had arrived in Omashu, and he was ready for round 2.
Chapter Five Pursuit Team Avatar has escaped Nero, but the assassin is hot on their trail. Unfortunately for him he wasn't expecting the true power of the Avatar.
Chapter Six Trials of the Black Lotus Nero inability to kill his targets has caused his superiors to question his abilities, as such he must now face the horrors of The Black Lotus Trials.
Chapter Seven Tracking the Assassin After Team Avatar recovers from their battle with Nero they go on the offensive, tracking him to his home/base, Ember Island.
Chapter Eight Final Encounter Part One: Rebirthing While Team Avatar heads to Ember Island to face Nero for one last time, Nero himself ties up the last loose ends of his past, and meets them head on.
Chapter Nine Final Encounter Part Two: Truths The battle with Nero reaches it's explosive conclusion, and secrets he's hidden even from the Black Lotus Assassin's are revealed by some unlikely warriors.

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