By Twilitlink Part of the Avatar: Wanted continuity.

A list of chapters from Wanted, book 4 Heavy Air.

Chapter One Punishment Lu Ming "scolds" Lee for killing Gin, and plans on teaching Ursa a valuable lesson. Unfortunately for Lee the ancient airbender isn't the only one angry with him.
Chapter Two Vendetta After a failed assassination attempt, Aang, along with Katara, Tengu and Zuko, decide to take the fight to the Black Lotus and get Toph back. Meanwhile Nikki trains fiercely to face the Fire Lord.
Chapter Three Origins Part 1: The Lady of Death The way Ursa joined the Black Lotus is finally fully revealed.
Chapter Four Origins Part 2: The Orphaned Contract Gin's reasons for hiring the Black Lotus are explored.
Chapter Five Rescue Aang and his friends infiltrate the base in order to free Toph, while Lee plans his own escape.
Chapter Six Sacrifice Plans go awry and Lee and Ursa have to give something up to protect their loved ones.
Chapter Seven The Pain of Learning, Part 1: Night The aftermath of Ursa and Lee's sacrifice - a night that will change everything...and everyone.
Chapter Eight The Pain of Learning, Part 2: Day The United Forces and the Avatar regroup and re-focus - readying themselves for the final stand-off against the Black Lotus.
Chapter Nine Blind Ambition Toph teaches Lee how to see things the way she does.
Chapter Ten The Airbending Slicer Aang learns a new way to use his airbending, courtesy of Tengu.
Chapter Eleven Prepare The Black Lotus gets ready for the final battle.
Chapter Twelve Payback Lee engages Gao in a fight to the death.
Chapter Thirteen The Master and the Apprentice Lee and his old master Des face off. While they duel Aang and Tengu confront Lu Ming.
Chapter Fourteen Decisions Lian and Katara face each other one last time. Meanwhile Nikki confronts her father's killer
Chapter Fifteen The Enemy of My Enemy Aang, Tengu and Lu Ming, as well as Lee, Toph and Des continue their battles, while Lu Ten, and Zuko attempt to bring Nikki to their side.
Chapter Sixteen End Game The War of the Lotuses comes to an end, but who has survived?
Epilogue Epilogue: All is Well

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