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Quotes from the Fanon series Avatar: Wanted

Book One: Black Fire


Aang: (Children run up to Appa) Careful. He hasn't eaten yet. (Appa licks the children) Told you.

Zuko: You just came from Ba Sing Se right? How's Uncle?

Aang: He's doing fine. Before I left I visited his tea shop and played some pai sho. He won.

Zuko: Yeah that sounds like Uncle

Zuko: Who are you?

Nero: (Turns around) My name is Nero. I'm sorry we won't be well acquainted.

Duel at the Tea House

Mai: So you're going then?

Zuko: I don't want to talk about.

Mai: Well too bad we're talking about it.

Zuko: Don't even bother Aang, if I can convince my wife I can convince you.

Aang: Well then how about I join you?

Iroh: Thanks for saving this.

Nero: You'll be with him soon.

Riku: Well, well, well it's been a while, huh Nero?

Nero: Four years master Riku. (Launches lightning into his chest) And I still surprise you.


Aang: What's wrong?

Zuko: I hope the people don't think this is another invasion.

Zuko: What are you guys doing here?

Sokka: Being scared half to death by you! Is this how you say hello in the Fire Nation these days!?!

Suki: Calm down you big baby. So Zuko what are you doing here.

Toph: It's good to see you again Twinkle Toes.

Aang: (Waving his hands in front of Toph's eyes) Very funny Toph.


Nero: This should cover the counter, and the meal... and his medical bill.

Sokka: Well soorry for not knowing the name of the crazy man who trying to kill us.

Toph: Would you guys shut up! Some of us are trying to sleep here!

Toph: I don't think we have to go anywhere. (Nero drops from the ceiling as Toph turns around and attacks him) I think the guy we're looking for is here.

Nero: You won't get away.


Sokka: Why is it always me who gets hurt?

Suki: I guess the universe doesn't like you.

Zuko: Uh guys I think the universe actually HATES us.

Sokka: Why do you say that Zuko. (Sees Nero flying after them) OH COME ON! HE CAN FLY TOO!?!

Katara: Good job Zuko.

Sokka: Yeah, I guess the universe doesn't completely hate us after all. (Nero appears infront of them) And the universe still loves proving me wrong.

Toph: You still make it too easy Sokka.

Aang: No. I won't kill you.

Nero: Why do you show compassion to your enemy? Answer me!

Aang: I show compassion because otherwise I'm just like them.

Trials of the Black Lotus

Lu Ming Welcome home Nero. So are your targets dead?

Nero: You know they aren't

Lu Ming: You are one of my most skilled warriors. How can you have so much trouble with a bunch of children? Are you losing your touch? Because you know what we do to those of no use to us. Well I hope you're fully recovered, because you're going to need all of your strength to survive the Trials.

Lian: Hey. Do you want me to heal your wounds? (Nero stands and heads for the door as Lian huggs and kisses his cheek) Good luck.

Nero: In this business there's no such thing. (Whispers) Thank you Lian

Lu Ming: Well done Nero. It would appear I was wrong, your skills haven't diminished. So what could be the reason for your recent failure's, perhaps it is your resolve to strike the final blow.

Nero: My resolve is as strong as ever. (Turns to leave)

Nero: Don't move. Mother told me you were killed.

Nero's Father: Wait a minute now I remember you. Your the boy I left behind with that wom...

Nero: My name is Nero! I figured you would at least remember what you named me! And don't you even talk about Mother! You have no right!

Nero's Father: (gasping for breath) I- I'm sorry my son.

Nero: Sorry?!? You think sorry is gonna make up for the years of HELL I went through? You don't deserve mercy.

Tracking the Assassin

Old Man: So you favor the White Lotus Gambit?

Zuko: Those who stick to the old ways often find friends.

Old Man: Welcome my young brother, the White Lotus opens wide to those who know its secrets

Zuko: I want you to tell me all you know about a man named Nero.

Old Man: If your talking about who I think you are, I can't tell you much. But I can tell you about his order. Nero is a member of our opposite, the Black Lotus Assassins. They are as old as the Order of the White Lotus, but with a much darker purpose. They exist only to kill who ever they are pointed at.

Zuko: So why are they targeting me and my friends? Why did they send Nero after my father and sister?

Old Man: Zuko, I'm afraid I must tell you that Grandmaster Iroh has also been killed by them.

Zuko: What? Are you sure?

Sokka: Where have you been?

Zuko: I've been out gathering supplies, I told that you before I left.

Aang: It doesn't take eight hours to get supplies when town is about two miles away.

Zuko: I also got some information about Nero. There's a place nearby where he might be.

Assassin: Very impressive.

Aang: Stand aside and we won't hurt you.

Zuko: Speak for yourself. Tell us where Nero is or else.

Assassin: Nero? You mean that overconfident child. Why he's at our home base.

Zuko: And where is that?

Assassin: Now, now that would be telling.

Zuko: (holding the Assassin upside down) Now where is he, or do I have to find someone who will talk? (loosens grip)

Assassin: Wait, wait! I'll talk, I'll talk! Home base is on Ember Island! It's on Ember Island!

Lian: It's been awhile since we sent those guys in. How hard can it be to grab one woman and her children? (an assassin flies out of the house landing in front of them)

Des: Apparently very difficult. (points to the injured assassin) Lian would you be so kind?

Mai: Hmm, guess you're better than those others.

Nero: I don't want to hurt you. Please just come with me.

Mai: I don't think so buddy.

Final Encounter Part One: Rebirthing

Nero: Hello Miku... (slapped in the face) I suppose I deserved that.

Miku: What do you want Nero? If you came back to start over your a few years too late.

Nero: I just wanted to see you again, and to apologize.

Miku: Well go on.

Woman: Nero iss everything ready.

Nero: Of course, just as we planned.

Woman: Then you know what to do.

Zuko: Damn it, we're too late!

Katara: Zuko, we'll find them.

Zuko: But where are they? (explosion)

Sokka: I'm willing to guess over there.

Nero: So you finally showed?

Zuko: Where's my family?

Nero: They're dead.

Final Encounter Part Two: Truths

Iroh: Well, I've never seen Zuko do that.

Woman: Indeed. His skill has improved greatly since the last time I saw him.

Riku: Any thoughts on who the victor will be?

Woman: Nero has never failed a mission yet. It seems such a waste of potential though.

Riku: What?

Iroh: The boy has too much potential for it to be thrown away like this.

Riku: You two don't know him very well then. Right now this battle is what they both are living for.

Aang: Surrender, your out numbered.

Firebender: Lian, help me.

Lian: How convienant, I was running low on water. You know the phrase, blood is thicker than water? Well it's true.

Zuko: Why did you murder my family?

Nero: It was part of the job.

Zuko: That's the only reason you have for killing everyone I love?

Nero: No, there was another reason. It was to make you stronger. You think you had it rough? The worst family problem you've ever had was your father and sister hating you. My family was taken from me when I was still weak, but it made me stronger than I ever could have become on my own. You need to be strong for the coming storm.

Zuko: What storm are you talking about?

Nero: If you want to find out you'll have to kill me.

Lu Ming: Lian, Nero's assignment is now yours. Avenge Nero in our name.

Lian: Yes Lord Ming. They will know the wrath of the Black Lotus.

Book Two: Red Water

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The new Assassin

Breaking Barriers

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