By Twilitlink Part of the Avatar: Wanted continuity.

A list of chapters from Wanted, book 3 White Earth.

Chapter One A Different Kind of War Ten years have passed then the War of the Lotuses began. The Black Lotus have stopped using traditional war tactics and have started a hit and run campaign. Des has been given the task of attacking an important field base, and he's bringing his apprentice, Lee Chun.
Chapter Two Children of Heroes While their parents are off at war, Lu Ten, Ursa II, and Sora, the daughter of Aang and Katara, are busy training for the day they join the conflict. Meanwhile on Ember Island a young girl named Nikki is tormented by her lineage
Chapter Three Return of the Dragon During a battle against Iroh, Lu Ming finds he has one more opponent to face. Something far more dangerous than even the Avatar.
Chapter Four Hostage After a suggestion from Lian, Des decides that the best way to defeat the members of Team Avatar is to obliterate what is most near and dear to them: their children. However, they miscalculate on one crucial point.
Chapter Five Recon Trouble Sokka and the Masked Ones are sent on a recon mission in the Si Wong Desert. Shenanigans follow as they try to find a Black Lotus Base.
Chapter Six New Duties While Des is away, Lian is given one of his favorite duties, torture. Toph has a run in with Lee on her way to a meeting with Ursa. Meanwhile on Ember Island, Nikki has to deal with a local gang with her mother.
Chapter Seven Lineage Part One: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far Tengu gets a little more than he bargained for from his new students. Des begins his real mission, while Gin plans his next move.
Chapter Eight Lineage Part Two: From The Tree Nikki discovers the reason why her Father left her Mother. And this discovery leads to many others.
Chapter Nine Lies Gin "reports" in to Zuko and Aang and Tengu is branded a traitor. Meanwhile Des plants seeds of doubt in Lu Ten's mind.
Chapter Ten Forbidden Love Lee attempts two very difficult things. Getting Toph to actually like him, and to convince himself that he doesn't belong with the assassins.
Chapter Eleven Captured Tengu is arrested and put on trial. During the trial Gin is unaware of his oncoming fate.
Chapter Twelve Betrayals Ursa plays on Lee's doubts and offers him a chance to "redeem" himself. His new mission, Assassinate General Gin.

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