Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The last Fire Ferret in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The last Fire Ferret
General information







Book One: Discovering Lagei

Place: Republic City

Year: 3,172 AG

Day: September 3rd

Time: 7:30 A.M.

Lontik Stirs. Hunger is beckoning upon him. His Belly roars with demand. He makes sure no one else is awake. "Must... Find... Leechi nuts... I'm Hungry!" cries Lontik. His father Telio growls and throws his paws up in rage, but does not awaken. "It looks like it's his time of the month again," Lontik says to himself. Telio growls again. Lontik lets out a small chuckle at the irony. He then trips over what appears to be a tree branch. No, that's Nemo! Oh crap! Not him! He'll get me busted!

Suddenly, Nemo pulls Lontik by the leg. He trips again. "Payback..." Says Nemo.

"Like you really didn't deserve it, Nemo. Nutbrain!" Lontik retorts.

"Uncalled for!" Yells Nemo.

Telio slams his paw down and yells, "FIVE MORE MINUTES, GRAN GRAN!" then his son's combined laughing awakes him.

Remembering his hunger, Lontik smells leechi nuts roasting down the street. He runs as fast as his paws can carry him. He sees a man cooking them. He uses earthbending to knock them off the plant, and then uses earthbending again to toss them into the pot. Lontik watches the cooking in amazement. His eyes stare in love at the nuts. Then the earthbender sees Lontik and gives him a nut, and, at this point, Lontik's entire clan was staring at the nuts. Breakfast time, he remembers. They are out of food, so this nut cooking is overwhelming. The earthbender reveals that his name is Lagei. He, his polar bear dog, named Milea, and the fire ferrets ate together in peace.

The bonding has begun.


Lontik, A descendant of Pabu

Pelu, Lontik's Love Interest

Neka, Lontik's Best Friend

Nemo, Lontik's mischievous Brother

Telio, Lontik's Sarcastic, Witty Father

Milea, A polar bear dog loyal to Lagei.

Greniot, An Evil Waterbender, And a descendant of Pakku

Saliu, Greniot's 2nd in command.

Lagei, Greniot's foe, An Earthbender.


Book One: Discovering Lagei

Book Two: The Pact

Book Three: Confronting Greniot

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