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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The World After
We make war so that we can live in peace
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"Avatar: The World After" is a fanon story that will be created by User:Coolbloo12 also known as womynrule on The user is currently looking for Beta Readers and Editors. It is set two years after events that took place in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The wold of Avatar is still riddled with problems such as poverty, disease, war and hunger. However new nations are being created as people separate from the old nations. However one of the new nations, the Light nation, decides to declare war and the Avatar must restore balance once again.

Production History

The idea of the story came to her mind when she watched the finale of the Avatar series in 2009 online, she began wondering why the story could end so suddenly with such peace suddenly coming out of thin air with just the defeat of a Fire Lord, and there must have been some violence left in the world she thought. So coolbloo12 decided to conceive a story in which war was still a part of the Avatar universe, giving it a darker feel to it that was not shown in the Avatar series, including character death. She was heavily influenced by Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion which helped her create the story line she needed, shows like Naruto and Bleach heavily influenced the addition of new bending arts that would take place in the story. So far her production is still continuing as she continues with research and editing the story. The first chapter will likely be released next year (2010) during the spring time.


The story is divided into books each with their own arcs. The Books will follow as 4, 5, 6 and ending at Book 7 though the story could continue. The Books will be as followed:

  • Book 4: Lightning
  • Book 5: Dark
  • Book 6: Crystal
  • Book 7: Light

Overall plot will go as followed:

  • The world may be free of Fire Lord Ozai but it is still riddled with war, famine, and death. New nations are being created as they separate from old nations. As the larger and prominent nation called the Light nation start attacking the other nations especially the Fire Nation, it's in the process of making the next war with all the other Nations just like the Fire Nation did two years ago. The only difference is that the Light nation has 3 nations on its side this time to exact revenge and they all plan to take down the other nations. The Avatar must once again restore balance to the world, but is set back with the arrival of both the Sozin Comet and the Matsuri Comet that could collide in the course of 1 year. Can the Avatar stop the blood shed and rid the world of war? Can there really be a utopia of peace and prosperity or is it all just a pipe dream? But with the arrival of a mysterious girl that remembers nothing of her past it could mean the difference between peace and destruction...


The setting will take place in the current Avatar Universe however there will be 4 more nations: the lightning, dark, crystal and light nations. This will mean that new cultures will be added to the Universe, including new fauna and flora. The nations will be based on real countries in different parts of Asia.


Characters in the following paragraph are just initial ideas and thus the personality or look can change over time, new characters may be added in a later date

Main Characters

  • Aang: The Avatar and bending master of all elements, he must learn the 4 new elements and try to once again give balance to the world, however a series of events lead him to Matsuri who has a strange connection to him
  • Katara:A water bending master and Aang's girlfriend. She has a strong of justice and wants to help the people of the world as much as she can but with dire consequences.
  • Zuko: Fire Lord of the Fire Nation, he must deal with the conflict of an ongoing invasion, Mai his fiancee and the arrival of the Comets, all while trying to find his mother Ursa...
  • Toph: the tomboyish blind earth bender of the group, she is still an earth bending master but comes into conflict with Yuri, the resident Crystal bender who has a strange obsession with her
  • Sokka: 18 years of age the group's leader in inventions and plans, his skills has matured greatly after the 2 year time skip but still seems to be the comic relief of the group.
  • Matsuri: A Mysterious girl that Team Avatar finds in the mist of battle between the Fire Nation and the light nation, she seems to have strong bending powers and has a connection to the Matsuri Comet and Aang...


Fire Nation Characters

  • Iroh
  • Mai
  • Ty Lee

Water Nation Characters

  • Hakoda
  • Kya
  • Kanna
  • Pakku
  • Yue

Earth Nation Characters

  • Suki
  • Kyoshi Warriors
  • Bumi

Air Nation Characters

  • Yi

Crystal Nation Characters

  • Yuri

Light Nation Characters

Coming Soon

Dark Nation Characters

Coming Soon

Lightning Nation Characters

Coming Soon


Coolbloo12 was heavily influenced by several shows such as Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, who influenced most of her story line. Other shows that influenced her war scenes included Naruto and Bleach who also influenced the Bending arts she created. The setting was influenced by Japan as she based many of the new nations on Islands in Japan. The culture itself was influenced by Asia; this was made easy since she currently lives in Asia. The condition the Avatar world is in is based on Earth itself, learning about the world in Global Issues class made it easy for her. Books such as "Animal Farm" were also an influence for the Government structure.

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