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This page lists all the chapters for Avatar: The World's Fate written by AvatarFreak21.

Chapter Chapter Title Summary
Chapter One A Stranger at the Western Air Temple The Team Avatar's peaceful life is interrupted when a stranger arrives with some very bad news involving the Anti-Benders.
Chapter Two The Start of the Journey Sokka makes a plan on stopping the Dai Li. Later, Team Avatar, with some help from Zuko, sets off in order to find Iroh, but when they meet him, Iroh has an unpredictable reaction.
Chapter Three Iroh's Story, Part One Aang follows Iroh to a forest and realizes someone can help them. Meanwhile, Katara and the rest of the group learn what happened to Iroh.
Chapter Four Iroh's Story, Part Two Team Avatar discovers a lot about Energybending and with some help from Iroh and Pathik they learn some more about the Dai Li's plans.
Chapter Five One's Worst Enemy Iroh and Pathik disappear, taking Song and Suki with them. The rest of the Team goes to see an old enemy and when they find her, she wants to tell them something about her.
Chapter Six The First Bloodbender Hama tells the Team about the Avatar who was the discoverer of Bloodbending and had once appeared to her. Later, they set of to Agathy, where Hama thinks Aang will be able to communicate with the first Avatar.
Chapter Seven Agathy They reach Agathy and Aang goes to the Avatar Circle in order to talk to Zuphokkang. But he meets a dark shadow in the place Zuphokkang should be, which throws him out of the Spirit World.
Chapter Eight Always There An old enemy has escaped and is helping the Dai Li. She finds Zuko and Mai and takes them to Ba Sing Se as prisoners.
Chapter Nine Hama's Secret Hama reveals her darkest secret, that there is a bending art worse than Bloodbending and that the Dai Li knows a practitioner of this ancient bending art. Meanwhile, Azula takes Zuko to a basement to talk to him.
Chapter Ten The Proposal Azula asks Zuko to become a Willbender and is ready to introduce him to a Master. Meanwhile, the Team learns about an organization called The Feelers that can sense Bloodbending and is heading towards their hiding place.
Chapter Eleven The Feelers Team Avatar meets the Feelers and learn some shocking news about Suki and Song. Zuko leaves the basement with Zafir to start his Willbending training.
Chapter Twelve The Training Zuko starts his Willbending training.
Chapter Thirteen The Cave Under Zuko finds a special someone in a room. Meanwhile, the Team observes the training of the Feelers, but they don't like what they see.
Chapter Fourteen A Talk With Roku The Team hears some shocking news, with Aang talking over with Roku about this.
Chapter Fifteen Aang and Shuo Aang learns something dark about an person from his childhood.

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