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Chapter Nine: Hama's Secret

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Chapter Eleven: The Feelers

Azula looked back at him, raised her eyebrows and moved her lips to a sarcastic smile.

"I brought you here because you are neither a fool nor a loser, Zuko. You can still win. You can join me to victory. You don't have to continue supporting your traitorous uncle and your pathetic girlfriend." Zuko tried to stay calm. It wouldn't help if he burned down the table and challenged her to an Agni Kai. He would probably end up in chains.

"You don't know me" he whispered.

"And you don't know what I offer, Zuzu. You haven't even imagined the power I offer."

"I don't need your power!" What power is she talking about? Zuko's curiosity took the best of him. "What do you mean?"

"I am talking about an all-new type of bending, Zuko. The bending that will lead us to victory!" Azula's eyes were glowing. "It is called Willbending." Willbending? The name itself is scary! Typical Azula... Zuko was thinking. Willbending. It was very clear. They bended someone's will. He wanted to slap Azula in the face, but he decided to stay a bit more. When he managed to contact Aang, he could tell him some bad news. He tried to put on his most curious and evil smile.

"So how does it work?"

"Do not play with me, Zuko. Because you will lose." Of course she knows.

"But I will tell you because it is a matter of time till you join the Willbenders. It is in your nature, Zuko. Thirst for death and distraction is in your blood. You can not fight it. So, it is simple. You find a teacher, a Willbending Master. He teaches you the method. If you don't have the gift, you are never able to perform it. But you would be a great Willbender, almost as good as I am. If you want to move on, I have someone you must meet." Zuko thought. The more he knew, the more he would be able to help Aang.

"I am ready. I am bored of being good."

"Okay then. Hock, bring Sifu Zafir here." A Dai Li agent came out of nowhere and, with a sudden movement, he threw his earth hand to the wall and pulled it. The wall was pulled to the side and smoke came out, so thick it blocked Zuko's view for some seconds. When his view became clearer, he could make out a tall slim silhouette behind the smoke. Azula smiled. Sifu Zafir had arrived.

"There is one thing I can not understand about Willbending" Sokka stated while they were flying above some mountains on Appa. After two days travelling, it was ther first time someone talked. They were heading to an unknown location. Hama knew where they were going. Again, it was a secret. If they were not depending on her knowledge, Aang would have left her behind.

"Then say it, dear." Hama told him, without looking up.

"I mean, a Master Bloodbender would be able to stop someone from telling to somebody else he was being Bloodbended. He would easily make his heart beat normally and his breath be calm. So why would someone need to Willbend?"

"Oh, you are the cleverest one in the group, young man. I thought you children would never think of it. Well, there is a secret group of people-" Hama started, but Aang interrupted.

"Let me guess. We are heading to their hiding place now, aren't we?" Hama nodded.

"As I was saying, there is that secret group of people who have a special ability. They are called The Feelers. They are able to feel if somebody is being Bloodbended."

"And it doesn't work with Willbending, right?" Toph joined the conversation. Katara was sitting quietly and listening.

"That's right, it doesn't."

"And why don't you train them, to see if they can feel it after some practice?" Katara asked.

"You will see when we reach their hiding place. For now, the good news is, The Feelers are on our side. The bad news is, we don't know for how long they will support us."

Special Notes

  • A very important character is introduced in this chapter.
  • A very important organization is introduced in this chapter.
  • The name of the Willbender Zafir comes from the Greek word "ζαφεἰρι" (zafiri) which means sapphire.

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