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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.
Avatar: The World's Fate
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Avatar: The World's Fate is a fanon series written by AvatarFreak21.

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This series take place after the war's end. Team Avatar, excluding Mai and Firelord Zuko, decided to live together for a year or two at the Western Air Temple. They constantly visit their friends, the Kyoshi Warriors, whose leader is now Ty Lee, replacing Suki at Kyoshi Island. They also like to visit the Southern Water Tribe where they meet Kanna and (Gran) Pakku, now married. They visit Toph's parents once in a while. Because Aang wants to ride the Elephants Koi sometimes, when they visit Kyoshi Island, they stay some extra days so Aang can ride them. He knows he has Katara's attention, but he still likes to impress her with his acrobatics. These two are together, but they are more shy with their relationship than Suki and Sokka who dare to share the same bedroom and passionately kiss in front of their friends. Mai and Firelord Zuko live at the Firelord's palace at the Fire Nation. When they have time, they like to visit their friends at the Western Air Temple. They all live a peaceful life, but things are about to change when a stranger arrives at the Western Air Temple.

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  • Skalan (new)
  • Koh

These are not the final characters. I might add someone or take someone out. Also, many characters have not been revealed yet so I am not mentioning them here.

New bending Edit

In this fanon the author will put an all-new type of bending, called willbending. It appears in the ninth chapter, but more information about it will be revealed later on.

New location Edit

A new forest which will be even more spiritual than the Spirit Oasis in the North Pole will appear in the seventh chapter. It's name will be Agathy, coming from the Greek word 'αγαθό' (agatho) which means 'pure'. In this forest, Aang can easily communicate with other Avatars. He searches for the first Avatar, but when he finds him a mysterious power throws him out of the Spirit World.

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The World's Fate was Featured Fanon Article in August 2011, nominated by AvatarRokusGhost

TWF is back! Edit

The fanon was inactive for several months, since the writer had taken a break from editing and writing, but the writer decided she had to finish the series.

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