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Avatar: The War of Ba Sing Se
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Avatar: The War of Ba Sing Se is an upcoming fan-fiction series by Emiko Bei-Fong. The show takes place 20 years after The Last Airbender. The main plot is the Original Generation and a few other's children team up to try to stop the war in Ba Sing Se that is tearing the city apart.

Character Guide

This section of the Character Guide includes Team Avatar, their descendants, their friends, and their friends' descendants.

Team Avatar

  • Aang- The Current Avatar. After the war, he turned many refugees at the Northern Air Temple into Air Nomads, including Teo and later his daughter Mitsuki. He has been called into battle in the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Fire Nation many times, but has not encountered big issues that require Energybending or the Avatar State. He has had 2 lovely children with his wife Katara. He also developed something called Talentbending, giving someone the ability to master more than one element, but not all four. Aang now uses a Wind Sword and gave his staff to Tenzin.
  • Sokka- Water Tribe General. Sokka is the general of the Water Tribe soldiers, leading them into successful battles. His plans and strategies were big successes, like his location and invasion of Lake Laogai. He trains his son Takeo diligently. He went back to Piandao and make two swords: another meteorite sword for him and a regular sword for his only son with Suki: Takeo.
  • Katara- Waterbending Master and Teacher. Katara is a teacher of Waterbending in the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. She has spent a lot of her time training her daughter Kyoko to becoming a young Waterbending master. Katara has had two lovely children with her husband Aang: Tenzin and Kyoko. She tried Waterbending with katanas, but later gave them to her daughter.
  • Toph- Earthbending Master and Teacher. Toph found an elite group of Dai Li agents worthy enough to learn Metalbending. Toph has gotten a better relationship with her parents and taught Bumi how to Metalbend. She fell in love with Teo and had two Airbender children with him, but she plans on soon having an Earthebender child. She and the rest of Team Avatar often get together to hang out and drink tea.

Descendants of Team Avatar

  • Tenzin- Airbending Master son of Katara and Aang. Tenzin was trained daily by Aang and mastered the element in 5 years. He has Aang's old staff and his arrows.
  • Kyoko- Waterbending Trainee daughter of Aang and Katara. Katara willingly trained Kyoko until she was a master in healing and on her way to a Waterbending master. She fights with katanas.
  • Takeo- Warrior son of Sokka and Suki. Takeo is a great warrior that was trained diligently by Sokka. He hopes to be a general like his father and fights with a silver Jian sword, made by his father at Piandao's.
  • Li- Firebending Master son of Zuko and Mai. Li is a great Firebender that holds the unique ability to summon blue flames. He is the heir to the throne and fights with his father's double Dao swords.
  • Mei- Stiletto fighter daughter of Zuko and Mai. Mei was named after her mother and quickly learned how to fling stilettos. She is only 10 years old. It is unknown if she is a Firebender or not.
  • Tei- Airbending son of Teo and Toph. Tei learned Airbending from his father and Aang. He uses a staff, but wants to use a Wind Sword like Aang now does.
  • Mitsuki- Airbending master daughter of Teo and Toph. Mitsuki is a Master Airbender and the first one to be Talentbended. She uses Airbending and Firebending to fight and uses fans.

Friends of Team Avatar

  • Bumi- The King of Omashu. Toph taught him Metalbending. He is still a member of the Order of the White Lotus.
  • Iroh- Zuko's Uncle. He is very frail at his current age. After the war, Zuko gave him a new political position, the Emperor of Ember Island. Iroh is not sick but can not fight anymore like he used to.
  • Earth King Kuei- The Earth King. Kuei now has control over Ba Sing Se again. He married a beautiful woman named Kimiko and has a daughter named Emiko.

Descendants of Friends of Team Avatar

  • Emiko-The Earth Princess. Emiko was another person Aang has Talentebended. She can bend green flames, the most advanced type. She uses fans and helps the Team Avatar descendants.


  • Midori- An Earthbender
  • Sumi- A Waterbender
  • Sora- An Airbender
  • Ryu- A Firebender

Prequel: The Dawn of the War

"The Dawn of the War" explains the events in the 30 years after 100 AG. It is set to be released in August 2010, and features the Gaang, Teo and the Mechanist, Azula and Ozai, Mai and Ty Lee, King Bumi, and Earth King Kuei. It also explains the rebirth of the Air Nomads. This is also the prologue for Avatar: The War of Ba Sing Se.


  • Toph has taught Metalbending to Aang, Emiko, and the Dai Li.
  • Azula and Ozai broke out of jail.
  • Aang and Katara took a vacation to turn most people at the Northern Air Temple into Airbenders.


# Chapter Title Release Date
x "The Dawn of the War" August 2010
1 "The Incoming War" Unknown
2 "Journey to Ba Sing Se" "Unknown

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