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Chapter 2: the Avatar Cycle

Chapter 1: Lost Days

It All Started the Day I knew I could no longer be friends with any of them. as much as it pained me to see them hurt I knew it was better if I just Faded from their life's slowly. you see I was fatally wounded when I battled my nemesis The Red Falcon. he was a Savage man that led a pack of pirates that ransacked my Home Air Temple Island.I fought to protect those I love even my Friend the Avatar. But it was all for nothing I was in a coma for 6 months and then I suddenly awoke in my home in the South Pole. that's where I noticed I was alone. I knew that they all had their lives to get back too so I decided to leave on my Air Bison Ingy in the middle of the night. I had already said my good byes. and was ready once and for all to be rid of the Avatar in My life once and for all.

"Mako Have you seen anything so beautiful"

"The Only thing beautiful I see is you" Mako Said to Korra with love.

"Mako...Why Would he Just Leave with no word huh" Korra began to say when she was interrupted by a kiss.

Mako parted from his girlfriends Lips "Come On Were going to be there soon why worry about him"

"I'm Just So Mad at him its like he couldn't wait" Korra said with anger.

"Korra! everyone is looking for him, he's been gone for 6 months what if he's you know"

"Mako! Don't say that If I Don't Find Him I don't know what I'd do."

" Is he that important to you huh" Mako Said with Concern

"Yeah, I know he's alive but he's just become more independent these last couple of years"

"Well were going to be at The Eastern Air Temple Soon, why don't you try and get some rest"

"I'm not tired" Korra said with sadness.

You See Six months have gone by and little did I know that everyone I knew and loved had been searching for me. however the thing I didn't know was that the Avatar was shown the way to the very place I had been staying. only Avatar Aang my grandfather knew how to get there. Korra ad Mako were the last to people I wanted to see. so I left my bison Ingy there and was in the inner sanctum meditating. I wanted to get rid of all my emotions to become a better bender so I could protect my children when I had them. I wanted so badly to escape this place but I knew I would have to stop running eventually.

"Korra There it is just like you said the eastern Air Temple" Mako said with Passion.

"Aang Thank you" Korra began to cry.

Korra and Mako had taken an airship provided to them by Asami head of future industries. they landed there Ship at the base of the temple and saw Ingy Flying towards them.

"Mako!! Look Its Ingy" Korra said with excitement.

"Your Right!! that must mean he's here Korra!! Aang was Right he showed you the way"

ingy had landed and licked Korra.

" Ingy is June here" Korra began to say before Ingy could get a Growl out there was a large whistle that began to blow summoning him back to the temple.

" Korra did you hear that!! it has to be" Mako began to say before he was interrupted by a large scream.

"JUNE!!!!!!!!" Korra had run past Mako and began to run towards the direction of the temple.

"KORRA WAIT FOR ME ITS NOT SAFE" Mako began to run after her.

Korra had reached the court yard that was so familiar to her. she began to scream.

"JUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Korra began to scream " IF you here come out its okay"

out of breath Mako began to talk to Korra""


"Jeez stop yelling"

All of a sudden the Avatar turned around and looked at the familiar tattoos she knew.

"JUNE" Korra began to say

"What are you doing here and why are you here" June began to so Meanfully

"Everyone has been sea." She was cut off.

" What do you want"" June Began to get angry.

"June why are you being me" she was cut off again.

"Just Leave I don't need you or you little friends or anyone just leave me alone stupid Avatar" June said hatefully.

Mako had started to get mad and went in to protect Korra" Why are you being mean huh"

"Oh Yay Fire Boy is here lets all have a giant bonfire and party" June said Sarcastically

"Fireboy Huh" Mako said as he began to get mad.

"Listen Firebender you shouldn't even be On this Land for what your kind has done" June became defensive.

" June Stop" Korra interrupted with Anger.

" What are you going to Get mad and Fire bend me too Avatar"

" June Stop why are you acting like this" Mako began to say.

"Oh My bad" June Said as he began to laugh "you think you have any room to talk just because your the Avatar's Boyfriend"

"No why are you acting this way huh" Mako began to say "You've been gone for a long time and now I'm suddenly the bad guy"

"Its Because of you that I'm this way stupid" June Said Passionately.

"What are you talking about"

"Its your fault pretty boy"

" June stop why are you being this way"

"Why am I being this way" June began to say as he began to laugh " the reason I'm being this way is because your a Silly excuse for an Avatar"

"June what are you saying" Korra said.

"You have been neglecting your duties as the Avatar leaving us master's to Pick up the pieces of what you've done"

" what do you mean" Mako said.

"All my life I've been second nature to you and all I hear is how everyone is proud of you" June said as he began to cry " Not once did anyone think about how I felt, not once did anyone think about my needs, not once did anyone ever tell me good job or I'm proud of you"

"June...I'm Sorry" Korra began to say as she began to cry.

" All my life I've heard, what a wonderful child such a shame he doesn't use his full potential, or why is he not with his own kind" June began to say "but I thought I could change that by becoming friends with the Avatar and finally make my family proud and most of all make my Grandfather Aang proud"

All of a sudden a gust of air began to fly around Korra.

"Korra" Mako screamed as he went towards her.

as the dust cleared A figure that was not Korra appeared before June and Mako. it was Avatar Aang. he had taken over Korra's body to put June in his place.

"JUNE" Aang said angrily

"Grandpa" June began to cry.

"June, you have no idea how proud you make me and all of the other airbenders every day"

"But Grandpa I've done nothing to be proud of"

"You have friends and family that love you, And most importantly I love you" Aang said.

" but grandpa what do I have to do I don't know what path to take"

"You must take the path that is right for you, and you alone"

"I'm sorry for the way I've acted"

Aang began to lower himself to Touch His grandson

"Only you have the power to help yourself, and you alone have the power to be great and make those around you proud"

"Yes sir" June began to hug Aang as he began to fade back into Korra.

"June Continue to make me proud and Love everyone"

Aang had disappeared and June was holding his friend in his hand

"Make those around me proud everyday"

" Korra" Mako had run over and picked up Korra.

"June" Korra said with concern "what just happened"

"Someone helped me that's all" June Said with passion "Mako sorry for the what I said earlier"

"It's alright, I understand"

"June are you okay" Korra asked

"I'm fine lets go home"

From that point on I knew I had to get over any ill feeling I had for Mako and Korra. but I knew that I had to help those around me and go home.

To be continued in Chapter 2:

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