Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Tales Of Time in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Tales Of Time
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Midori122407, The lighting Bender


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July 2012 to present (on hiatus)




Midori122407, The lighting Bender


Book 2: Water


Avatar Adventures


Growing up, I heard from my uncle the stories of the Avatar and how he put an end to the Hundred Year War. Now it's time for the stories of Avatar Korra and her life to be told. The stories told are the adventures of Korra, Mako and June. See how each of these stories unfold. And not only will there be stories of Korra, but stories of the history of the Avatar lineage.


  • Korra: the current Avatar incarnation, now age 20 and is a fully recognized Avatar. She travels the world in an effort to keep peace in the world. She now looks for June in her world travels.
  • Mako: Korra's fiancé, former pro-bender, now age 21, he now travels the world with his soon to be wife, Korra. He travels the world with his fiancé in the effort of peace and to look for June.
  • June: Korra's childhood friend and air master, almost 20 years old and now travels the world by himself. No one has seen June in the last 6 months. his family thinks he has run away while the Avatar thinks differently. Many of his friends keep a look out for the missing air master.
  • Yumi: Mako's childhood friend and June's girlfriend, Yumi, who is now 20 travels the world under Police Captain Rei, General Azulon's son. She now is the lead secretary in the United Forces. She searches for June with everything she has.
  • Kairi: A waterbending master that lives at Air Temple Island and follows the Air Nomads' teachings. Close to the opening of her bending school, she now waits for her sister to bring the students to the school. 19 years old and is ready for the next chapter in her life; she occasionally looks for June, but knows he's alright.
  • Hamma: A water master from the Northern Water Tribe, and Tarro's fiancé. She is one of June's oldest friends. She is 20 years and is in love with her favorite earthbender. She left the North Pole in a worldwide search for her friend June. She searches the north for her missing friend.
  • Tarro: An earth master from Kyoshi Island and is Hamma's soon to be husband; he protects his family with his life. 20 years old and in madly in love with Hamma. He left Kyoshi Island and searches the Earth Kingdom for any whereabouts of his missing friend.
  • Yukoda: June's younger brother and water master, he now serves as a lieutenant-general in he United Forces under General Iroh. Yukoda is now 19 years old and is well set in his dreams. He joins the world wide search for his big brother but always seems to come up short in his searches.
  • Kisara: A water master of the Northern Water Tribe and Yukoda's fiancé. She waits in the South Pole for Yukoda to come home from his training and is a waterbending teacher. She is 19 like Yukoda. When June was declared missing, she left in search of Yukoda, who is looking for June.
  • Joo Dee: June's former student and head of the Archeology department at Ba Sing Se University, she is 19 years old, is in love with her work and her very attractive boyfriend Kai. She now heads the search in any ruins she can find for her former master.
  • Bolin: Mako's little brother, now a pro-bending champ and is currently looking for love in his life. Now 19 as well, he looks forward to the marriage of Mako and Korra. He searches the surrounding areas in search for his friend.
  • Asami: Hiroshi Sato's daughter And Mako's ex, she now fights for the #1 spot at the top of the ladder in the business field. She now is engaged to a hot shot racer named Ling, who is the Future Industries' number one supporter. She is now 21 like Mako, and supports the engagement of her ex-boyfriend. She joins the worldwide search by air for the missing Air Nomad.
  • Ling: A broody racer that is engaged to the beautiful Asami and is the spitting image of what Asami is looking for in love. He is 21 like her and is madly in love with his job and his girl.
  • Kai Joo Dee's boyfriend and fellow colleague of Joo Dee, he is a professor at the university and is in love with Joo Dee. Joo Dee and Kai are both Earthbenders that graduated, like June, at a young age. He is 19 like Joo Dee.
  • Minori: An earthbender that is in love with Jun;, while on vacation in the South Pole, she fell head over hills for the daring air master and has been looking for him ever since. She is 20 and was born in Chin Village.
  • Lotus: A waterbender from the Foggy Swamp Tribe that is a part of the White Lotus, Kairi has the biggest crush on him but is interested in Kana.
  • Tai Yang: A nonbender that has the biggest crush on Kana and would do anything for her; he enjoys Pai Sho and hopes to be a member of the White Lotus soon.
  • Chang: A firebender that has little interest in other girls other than those he is close too, he is cool and collective and is what they call a bad boy firebender.


Airbending emblem Book One: Air Airbending emblem

  • Chapter 1: Lost Days
  • Chapter 2: The Avatar Cycle
  • Chapter 3: The Man From Kyoshi
  • Chapter 4: The Lunar Eclipse Part 1
  • Chapter 5: The Lunar Eclipse Part 2
  • Chapter 6: The Southern Air Temple
  • Chapter 7: The Library
  • Chapter 8: A Day in Ba Sing Se
  • Chapter 9: The Desert
  • Chapter 10: Sandstorm
  • Chapter 11: Day Of Remembrance
  • Chapter 12: Planing of a Wedding
  • Chapter 13: The Test
  • Chapter 14: Pass or Fail
  • Chapter 15: Mako's Decision
  • Chapter 16: The Lee Sisters Bending Academy
  • Chapter 17: Minori Of the Earth Kingdom
  • Chapter 18: Return to the Southern Water Tribe

Waterbending emblem Book 2: Water Waterbending emblem

  • Chapter 1: Water Festival
  • Chapter 2: The Journey into the Tundra
  • Chapter 3: Blessings
  • Chapter 4: Test Of Friends
  • Chapter 5: Finding June
  • Chapter 6: The Air Temple Search
  • Chapter 7: The Dragon's Pass
  • Chapter 8: The Lava Pool
  • Chapter 9: The Island Part 1
  • Chapter 10: The Island Part 2
  • Chapter 11: Found at Last
  • Chapter 12: Bitterness
  • Chapter 13: Return To Ba Sing Se
  • Chapter 14: The Secret Scroll
  • Chapter 15: June's Decision
  • Chapter 16: Return To The Lost Air Temple
  • Chapter 17: Tides of Old
  • Chapter 18: Will you Love Me

Firebending emblem Book Three: Fire Firebending emblem

  • Chapter 1: The Blue Spirit Returns
  • Chapter 2: Fighting The Enemy
  • Chapter 3: The Tide Turns
  • Chapter 4: The Green Spirit Returns
  • Chapter 5: Clash Of the Swords
  • Chapter 6: Yumi's Confession
  • Chapter 7: A Day With Kyoshi
  • Chapter 8: Returned to where it all Began
  • Chapter 9: The Iceberg
  • Chapter 10: Awakening
  • Chapter 11: The Wedding is Set
  • Chapter 12: The Day of June
  • Chapter 13: Love At Last
  • Chapter 14: The Wedding
  • Chapter 15: The Next Chapter
  • Chapter 16: The Children
  • Chapter 17: Peace At last
  • Chapter 18: Avatar Korra And Air Master June!
  • Chapter 19: Friends Forever


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