Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Story of Miku in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar - The Story of Miku
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This plot takes place 1000 years before Aang's era as Avatar. A girl from the Southern Water Tribe named Miku is told that she is the Avatar and at first she does not believe it. Through a series of events, Miku starts to realize her identity as the Avatar. After mastering water, Miku, her brother and her best friend set sail towards the Earth Kingdom first so that Miku can start learning earthbending. Upon reaching the Earth Kingdom, Miku finds out about something very wrong going on there. A dictator has put together a group of many Earth Kingdom solders, Earthbenders, and possibly people from other nations in an attempt to overthrow the monarchy and become ruler of the Earth Kingdom. Miku must master all 4 elements in order to defeat this man before he takes over the Earth Kingdom, throwing the world out of balance.


To add an enjoyable piece to the series of Avatar in hopes that people may build on their passion for the series and bending disciplines. Also to try and give insight in the ways of the bending disciplines.



Miku is the current Avatar. She is a 15 year old girl who was born and lives in the Southern Water Tribe. She is very protective of her little brother and thinks that family is very important. She stands up for herself and other people is not very naive. Miku learns waterbending moves quickly. She also likes to have fun, but knows when to stop. Miku mostly concentrates hard on what she is doing. She has a sense of humor except for when it comes to Kie's jokes. She can be opinionated but tries to state her thoughts respectfully. She enjoys black ginger tea and snow surfs and meditates in her spare time.


Kuei is a 14 year old waterbender from the Southern Water Tribe, who is the brother of Miku. Kuei has a big sense of humor and likes to laugh a lot. Kuei really likes to have fun but does not always know when to stop. He likes snow surfing at dangerous speeds. Kuei always tries to find alternatives to fighting and stands up for his sister and other people as well. He does not learn waterbending moves as fast as Miku but is very good at it.


Kie' is Miku's best friend. Kie' is 15 years old, and is not a waterbender, but is very skilled in the martial arts style of capoeira. Kie' is from the Northern Water Tribe but moved to the Southern Tribe when she was very young. Kie' likes to make jokes but sometimes goes a bit too far with them. She has always dreamed since she was little of traveling the world.


Hakime' is Miku's mother. She is a waterbending master. Hakime' has very strong belief and faith in the moon and ocean spirits. She does not like to argue and encourages people in time of doubt. She urges Miku and Kuei to stick together and believes in always doing what is right.

Hao Ming-

Hao ming is the Avatar before Miku. Hao Ming is a very wise Air Nomad and has much knowledge and wisdom of the bending disciplines. Hao Ming was always able to work through the problems of others and because of this, rarely had to use physical force to keep balance and peace among people.


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