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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Story of Ana and Mei
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


Anaaya was six years old when she and her parents were attacked by Fire Nation soldiers. They kidnapped her and sold her to a nobleman as a servant. Now, ten years later, Anaaya spends her days serving General Leung's 16-year-old daughter, Mei Li Leung, in one of the Fire Nation Colonies. Although they treat her well, Anaaya can't help but yearn a different life. A free life, in which she is able to do as she likes, a life that is not dedicated to purely serving others.

Mei Li, in the meantime, faces her own difficulties. She, too, is unhappy with the life she currently has. Everyday she feels more and more like a caged animal. She has to conform to all of the Fire Nation higher-up's rules and expectations and feels like her hands are tied. Now that her father is urging her to get married, she's looking for an escape...


Main characters

Anaaya is the only daughter of a travelling salesman from the Northern Water Tribe and his wife(also from the tribes). During one of their trips through the Earth Kingdom, the family is attacked. Ana is kidnapped and sold to a wealthy Fire Nation family as servant. She never sees her family again. She serves as Mei Li's lady's maid for a while. When Ana finds out that Mei Li wants to run away, she decides to join her.

Because most of her life was spent in the Fire Nation colonies, she has always kept her ability to waterbend a secret. She is able to perform some basic waterbending forms, but is far from a decent waterbender.

Anaaya is a quiet girl, though she will stand up for herself when absolutely needed. She is somewhat of an introvert and is more likely to bottle up all of her feelings and thoughts than to spill it out.

Mei Li Leung
Mei Li is the daughter of a Fire Nation general and a woman of nobility. Her family is wealthy and illustrious, but Mei Li spends her days remotely unhappy nonetheless. She often feels like she can't reach her full potential while stuck in the residence. When her parents force her to marry, she decides to escape. She and her lady's maid, Anaaya, sneak off one night and don't plan on ever returning.

Mei Li has the ability to firebend. She is quite good at it, since she had the opportunity to be home schooled.

Mei Li is very intelligent and curious. She is fascinated by different cultures and bending, but her teachers refuse to teach her about them. Mei Li's curiosity of the other nations and cultures is another reason for her to run away. Mei is headstrong and doesn't give up easily, but, when frustrated, becomes somewhat of a pessimist.

Major characters

Mrs. Leung
Mei Li's mother is a woman of nobility. Her marriage to Mei's father was an arranged one, one that Mei questions was a happy one.

General Leung
Mei Li's father, currently off to war.

Radu is the Leung's residence's stable boy. Throughout the years he and Anaaya became friends.

Hua is Mrs. Leung's lady's maid and practically Anaaya's substitute mother.

The house manager of the Leung residence.

Jin Huo
Mei Li's firebending teacher.

Jin Huo's son.

Han is the son of a general and is one of the bachelors that seeks Mei Li's hand in marriage. (to be introduced)

General Fen
Han's father and colleague of General Leung. (to be introduced)

The tracker/bounty hunter sent after Mei and Ana after their disappearance. (to be introduced)

Minor characters

One of the men that kidnapped Anaaya when she was six years old.

One of the kitchen helps from the Leung residence.

The local shopkeeper

Mei Li's ethics teacher.


The first three of the chapters below are finished. The fourth is currently 'in production'.

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