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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: The Spirit War
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Spirit War is a fanon series written by Henhouse as continuation of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. The story chronicles about the Avatar reincarnation immediately following Avatar Aang, a young Water Tribe girl named Sura. It takes place roughly 100 years after the end of the Hundred Year War.


Water. Earth. Fire. Air. For 100 years after the world celebrated a great age of prosperity and peace after Avatar Aang defeated the Fire Nation. Sometime after Aang's natural death at age 100, strange things began to happen worldwide. Twice a year during the Winter and Summer solstices, enraged spirits cross over into the world of mortals and cause great devastation. The spirits blame humanity for a dark calamity which for 100 years has been quietly befalling the Spirit World. It is up to the new Avatar, an unsuspecting girl named Sura to act as the bridge between the spirits and humanity. She must leave the safety of the Water Tribe to master the other three elements, along the way making friends and all the while trying to discover the culprit manipulating the spirits. Can she live up to the heavy burden of ending the unrest of the deities and stop the destruction of both worlds?


Book 1: Lunar

Chapter Number Name Summary
0 Prelude The tale of the peaceful passing of Avatar Aang.
1 The Accident
2 The Landing
3 The Vagabond Boy
4 The Demon
5 The Brigands of Taku - Part I
6 The Brigands of Taku - Part II
7 The Lady of Omashu
8 The Greatest Earthbender The tale of young adult Toph after the War.
9 The Vision

Main Characters

Avatar Sura

The Avatar immediately reincarnated after Aang, Sura is a 16-year-old girl from the Northern Water Tribe. Because the recovered Avatar Relics mysteriously disappeared, the Sages of the Water Tribe failed to locate who the next Avatar was upon birth. Sura was born immediately after Aang's death, and her identity as the Avatar remained unknown until age 16. Prior to that she lived as a perfectly normal and happy Waterbender with her sister, mother and best friend, a boy named Kiyo. When an accident triggered the Avatar State in her, she was immediately taken away from her family and friends and kept safe in the Spirit Oasis by the Tribal Chief. She began her Avatar journey to master the elements soon thereafter.

She wants no part in the world's affairs and wishes to return to her happy life in the Water Tribe, missing her family and friends greatly. After she meets a young Earth Kingdom boy named Doko, her spirits begin to rise.


Doko is a 15-year-old boy from the northern, mountainous district of the Earth Kingdom. He grew up never knowing his parents, always living on his own. He is incredibly shy, naive, easily frightened and has a submissive personality atypical of an Earthbender. He is very pessimistic and usually imagines the worst in a situation out of habit. Because he raised himself alone and was constantly abused by the other villagers, Doko becomes very anxious when interacting with normal people and prefers to be on his own. Deep down he loathes being alone and desperately wants a friend.

After Sura stands up against his bullies, he protects her life and chooses to leave his village to travel the world with her. Instinctively, Doko has incredible hidden talent with using Earthbending in combat, though it will not surface in him unless in extreme circumstances, such as Sura's life being threatened.

Princess Zhen

Grand daughter of Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Mai, daughter of Fire Lord Yaozu and Fire Lady Suyin, Zhen, much like her great aunt is a Firebending prodigy that comes around only once every generation. A 17-year-old teenager, Zhen is easily agitated and stern, the kind of person rarely seen cracking a smile. She takes her role as heir to the throne very seriously.



The moon spirit, Yue (月) is the personification of the water element and therefore one of the three celestial spirits. As Biao is represented by the sun and Tian represented by the stars and clouds, Yue is represented by the moon. Yue is the second reincarnation of the moon, who was once known as Tui. She now resembles a beautiful maiden clad in white raiment. Tui was the first and original waterbender, pulling the tides of the ocean spirit, La, which gave birth to the Water Tribes.

When the disharmony of the spirits began and they started attacking mortals, Yue used her power to keep the Northern Tribe protected. When the Avatar is found, she requests the Tribal Chief being her to the Spirit Oasis for safety. At the oasis, Yue explains the situation and trains Sura in the art of Waterbending, which the young Avatar masters in only a week. Before Sura departs to the Earth Kingdom, Yue gives her a vial of the spiritual oasis water and warns her to use it only when she feels it is necessary deep in her heart.


Also known as the sun spirit, Biao (熛) is the personification of the element of fire and therefore one of the three celestial spirits. As Yue is represented by the moon and Tian represented by the stars and clouds, Biao is represented by the sun. Biao resembles a massive bird enveloped in golden flames with radiant feathers. Visions associated with the sun spirit are either omens of great fortune or disharmony. His eyes glow as bright as the sun, and the flapping of his mighty wings create powerful bursts of fire capable of incinerating anything. Biao was also the real original Firebender, whose divine flames gave birth to the dragons and ultimately the Sun Warriors, who later rose to become the Fire Nation.

The Fire Sages worshiped the spirit many years ago, but after many long years the Fire Nation all together forgot about the existence of Biao and the importance the spirit had for their people. It was not until a tragic accident long ago happened that a desperate man sought out the spirits, where he inadvertently came upon Biao.


Known better as the sky spirit, Tian (天) is the personification of the element of air and therefore one of the three celestial spirits. As Yue is represented by the moon and Biao represented by the sun, Tian is represented by the stars and clouds. The sky spirit resembles a hoofed-creature like a deer or horse. She has long, flowing white hair and her skin is covered in glittering mother-of-pearl scales. Tian is very elusive, rarely seen by even other spirits, though it is said when the wind blows it is because the spirit is on the run. It is a very gentle and kind spirit. She was the first true Airbender, whose divine breath gave birth to Sky Bison and ultimately the Air Nomads.


Long ago known as the earth spirit, Quan (全) was the fourth celestial spirit. Little is known about this spirit, as he disappeared very near the beginning of the Era of the Avatar. He is said in legends to have resembled a massive tortoise, whose shell was the foundation of the earth. As such he was the first true Earthbender who later created the Badgermoles and was therefore responsible for creating the Earth Kingdom.


The main antagonist in the story, Tartok is a shadow and nightmare spirit. For some offense long ago Tartok was banished by the celestial spirits to a realm of space called the Void, yet somehow he escaped.

After a great disaster befell the Spirit World, Tartok posed as a celestial, calling himself the Night Spirit, Hēi Àn. Taking advantage of the confusion of the lesser spirits, he named humanity as the culprit of the disaster, which led to the beginning of the Spirit War. The war was not his true intent, but a distraction to bring about his true goal.


A beast spirit who resembles a cross between a bird and a very burly man. He was recruited (like many other spirits) by Tartok into becoming his underling. Being an offspring of the sun spirit, Karuna is a very powerful fire manipulator, though he has difficulty using his abilities during the night. While mortals cannot bend in the Spirit World, Karuna's powers are not restricted there. Like other spirits he is immortal in his own world, but in the mortal world this is not the case.

He crossed into the mortal world along with the spirit serpent Mazu during the last Solstice on Tartok's orders. Their mission is to kill the Avatar before she masters all the elements. Though Karuna is powerful and brawny, he is not very intelligent. He and Mazu tend to bicker often.


A serpent spirit that resembles a large, feathered snake. He was recruited (like many other spirits) by Tartok into becoming his underling. Being an offspring of the ocean spirit, Mazu is a very powerful water manipulator, though he has difficulties using his abilities during the day. While mortals cannot bend in the Spirit World, Mazu's powers are not restricted. Like other spirits he is immortal in his own world, but in the mortal world this is not the case.

He crossed into the mortal world along with the fire spirit Karuna during the last Solstice on Tartok's orders. Their mission is to kill the Avatar before she masters all the elements. Though Mazu is powerful and swift, he is not very intelligent. He and Karuna tend to bicker often.


Mu (無), known simply as "The Void", is an ancient entity and the most powerful force of nature in existence. As the celestials are represented by the heavenly bodies, Mu is represented by the darkness that lies behind the stars. Predating the creation of the world and the Avatar, Mu is a starless eternity. Being nothingness, Mu is neither good nor evil, but only exists to consume and darken all creation. Mu possesses no mind or personality but acts as a virus in a vacuum, mindlessly consuming everything near it. It cannot be destroyed, as nothingness is a part of everything, rather the nothingness must be filled for its consumption to cease. With the power of the celestial spirits, Mu's hunger was quelled.

Minor Characters


Sura's best friend since they were both thirteen years old, he is the same age as her: sixteen. They entered into a close, romantic relationship. Kiyo is a Waterbender, but before meeting Sura had very little talent. Kiyo wants to become a great warrior like his father and hopes to travel the world one day soon. On the day of the accident, Kiyo asked Sura to marry him and offered her a carved betrothal necklace. She gladly accepted and was overjoyed, putting on the necklace and running off to show her sister. After she ran off, Kiyo would only ever see his wife-to-be one last time.


Sura's older sister by seven years. She lives with her husband, Pakka, and her sister in the Northern Water Tribe. Sedna is very caring and is very close with Sura, taking up the role of a mother-figure. It is unknown what happened to Sura and Sedna's parents, as Sura remembers it just being the two of them on their own. Sedna suffers from an uncommon, debilitating illness that causes her to experience shortness of breath if she goes outside too long. As such, she rarely leaves the house so Sura and Pakka frequently have to do chores and shopping in her stead.


Pakka is Sedna's loyal husband who helps to care for her. Sura views Pakka as a goofy older brother, even before the two were married when Sedna was Sura's age. He never fails to make the two of them laugh, even when times are tough. But regardless of his silly nature, Pakka is an exceptional Waterbender. He secretly trained Sura how to Waterbend and was surprised at her talent.


The Northern Water Tribe Chief, Kuzon is proclaimed to be one of the greatest Waterbenders in the world. When the Avatar was revealed to be alive and well, reincarnated as a girl named Sura, Chief Kuzon brought her to the Spirit Oasis for protection. Rumors say he had a mysterious connection with the past Avatar, Aang. He has a blue arrow tattoo on his left arm and right leg. Kuzon is very pacifistic by nature, being highly set against aggression. He supposedly has a twin sister living in the Southern Tribe.


The story is planned to be divided into three Books, corresponding to the three book of the animated series. Each book will contain at least five to ten chapters, however many chapters it takes to tell the story. Much of the plot has already been fleshed out, and just needs to be expanded. I hope to take plots left vague in the animated series and weave them into Spirit Wars. I have a lot planned for this fanfiction. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

The titles of the three books are Book 1: Lunar, Book 2: Solar and Book 3: Stellar

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