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The Legend of Korra


May 3rd, 2016

Some major retconning and reconstructing will be taking place in the next few weeks. I jumped into the story way to quick before and hadn't really prepared for it. Some older chapters will be updated and fine-tuned and I will try my hardest to release "The Spirit of Koh Part I" hopefully sometime around the third or fourth week of May. There may be a few name changes, if so, I will try to highlight/color/bold whatever has been changed to make it extremely obvious. That's all for now. See you all again soon. ^-^

Plot Overview

After the death of Avatar Korra, twins are born to Bolin and Opal and it is soon discovered that they are the new Avatar. Now these siblings (Lei and Aiya) must work together in order to bring peace back to the world and heal their severed connection to the past Avatars.


Book One Logo

Logo for Book One


Main Characters

  • Lei is the brother of Aiya and controller of Fire and Earth. At times he can be a hot-head, but luckily he has Aiya there to help him to calm down and see the light which they both share.
  • Aiya is a young, 19-year-old girl and sister of Lei. She is a master of the elements of Water and Air. Along with Aiya's beauty, she is regarded as the kindest person in the CES.
  • Zhu Milou Hu is the leader of the Society of Faces, a fearsome group that worships Koh, the Face Stealer. Zhu also was the former trainer of Lei and Aiya, but now he hunts the twins and hopes to find them before the Lotus or his mysterious nemesis, Hogosha.
  • Hogosha is a strange and secretive individual who once knew Avatar Korra and was there on the night that she was murdered. He claims that the Society of Faces and their ringleader, Milou Hu, were the ones who killed the previous Avatar.
  • Puren is a skilled Earthbender who met Lei and Aiya in Tu Zin. Ever since then he has been a huge asset to Team Avatar by helping to stop their enemies and keep his friends safe from harm.
  • Moa is a fearless Lightning bender and close friend to both Lei and Aiya. She regularly challenges the Anti-Avatar Party of Republic City and protests against the second invasion of the Spirit Wilds/World. Moa is also believed, by Aiya, to secretly be the daughter of Hogosha and the only person who knows his true identity.

Minor Characters

  • Avatar Korra was the last Avatar in Avatar Wan's cycle and the first in her cycle. She was murdered in 188 AG, but no one knows who the true killer was. Many friends and family of Hogosha suspect he knows what happened to Korra, but is too upset to talk about it.
  • Noa Se is a popular news reporter and runs the Ba Sing Se Pro-Bending Brawl. Little is known about Noa because he often keeps to himself, but many rumors circulate stating that he is a crook and often works with criminals to get his way. But even with all these rumors, many people continue to look up to Noa Se and see him as a national icon and a hero worthy of praise.
  • Emma is one of the many trainers of Lei and Aiya and a high-ranking member of the Society of Faces. Emma was supposedly chosen by Milou himself to join the society and use her Firebending skills to teach the twin Avatar; this was an offer which she happily accepted.
  • Clyde is an Airbender and works in the Society of Faces. He is often told that he is Zhu Milou's favorite.
  • Tarrimae is a Waterbender hailing from the Northern Water Tribe and a member of the Society of Faces. She doesn't speak very often, but when she does, it is usually a complaint.
  • Aye'Li is a fierce Earthbender and the teacher of Earthbending in the Society of Faces. She has stated many times that she hates to lose and refuses to do anything that will cause her to do so.
  • Su Gaoma is part of the wealthy Gaoma family that resides in the Earth state of Tu Zin. She is most notable for being the clumsiest and tallest of the three sisters.
  • Sahn Gaoma is the middle child in the Gaoma family and the most sinister of the three. She is always picking on everyone, including her own family, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get more money.
  • Stella Gaoma is the younger sister of Su and Shan and the kindest and sweetest of them all, but her older sister, Sahn, often teases her for it, so she acts tough when the three sisters are together.
  • Balo is a citizen of Tu Zin and Puren's godmother. She was also the leader of the Factory Uprising that helped the workers in Tu Zin to get fair pay.
  • Chung is the current leader of the now diplomatic and independent Foggy Swamp Tribe.
  • Xai is a Waterbending resident of the Foggy Swamp Tribe and the man who stopped Milou.
  • Ruby is a mute White Lotus agent and close friend of Moa's. She is well known for intelligence skills and Chi-Blocking abilities.
  • Master Kalden is the fifth child of Tenzin and Pema. He is the current representative of the Air Notion and resides in Republic City on Air Temple Island. He is very similar to his father because he, unlike most of his siblings, is extremely devoted to Ancient Airbender ways.


Avatar World2

The Avatar World in 207 AG

  • The Democratic Earth Nation or DEN is the immediate successor to the powerful Earth Empire. It was established in 174 AG, shortly after Kuvira's defeat in Republic City, by Prince Wu and Avatar Korra. It is a Representative Democracy where people from each state vote for their leader and help preserve the ancient customs of the once powerful Earth Kingdom.
  • Zaofu is an autonomous state in the Earth Republic and home to the Metal Clan. It was the birthplace of Lei and Aiya until they were taken from there by members of the Society of Faces.
  • The Sanctuary of the Society of Faces is a building owned by the Society of Faces and was built by its founder, Milou Hu. The Sanctuary was once the place where Avatars Lei and Aiya trained until they escaped one night after Zhu Milou was cruel to them.
  • Tu Zin is a small state in the Earth Republic. It is most notable for once holding one of the biggest Future Industries factories in the Earth Republic. After the failure of the factory, the rich Gaoma Family bought it out and now rules over the area.
  • The Foggy Swamp is a small swamp in the South-West Earth Kingdom that became an independent nation 193 AG. It is loyal to both the North and South Water Tribes but is dramatically different than both of them.
  • Republic City is the Pro-Bending capital of the world. It became home to Lei, Aiya and Puren after their long journey from Tu Zin and is home to residents such as Hogosha, Moa, Master Kalden and more.


  • Book One: Truth is set during 207 AG, which is nineteen years after Avatar Korra's death.
  • Lei and Aiya are the first instance where the spirit of Raava has inhabited two different bodies, allowing there to be two Avatars.
  • The Earth Kingdom has been changed into the Earth Republic by President Wu and it is now made up of 60 states. Xaiken is the largest and Kyoshi Island the smallest.
  • The Inner Wall of Ba Sing Se, which had been destroyed by the Lavabender, Ghazan, was never rebuilt because President Wu decided that it unfairly separated classes and left the poor defenseless.
  • President Wu sells more Earth Republic land so that President Raiko could expand the United Republic of Nations after Kuvira's attack on Republic City.
  • The Fire Nation, Southern Water Tribe and Air Nomads expand and make more colonies around the world.
  • The Northern Water Tribe also buys the Haven Islands from the Earth Republic and settles there.
  • The Swamp Tribe becomes independent from the Earth Republic in 193 and earns a seat in Republic City's Council.
  • The Northern Air Temple is rebuilt after its destruction and becomes the living quarters for Airbending Masters. A statue is built there to commemorate Tenzin, one of the greatest Airbenders of the last century.


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