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Avatar: The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai



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Dai-Kon Hal

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Chapter 1

This is the opening chapter of The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai.


Ozai at sunrise

Phoenix King Ozai contemplates his life.

Phoenix King Ozai was dreaming. The Avatar was standing before him on a large pillar of rocks.

Finally! Ozai thought. After my father, my grandfather, and my own children failed to find him, I have the Avatar in my grasp!

"Don't do this Fire Lord Ozai!" The Avatar begged.

"Sorry!" Replied Ozai, "But it's my destiny to rule the earth!"

He released his Breath of Fire technique, as well as two fire blasts from his hands! All of a sudden, the Avatar turned into Zuko, he was holding his swords and was in his armor, but his top knot holder was different. Like two dragon tails over the ring, and a spike through it.

"Where, is, my MOTHER!" Zuko bellowed.

All Ozai could reply with was, "Zuko?"

As he prepared to defend himself, Zuko turned into Azula, but her hair was a tattered mess. Her bangs were uneven, and she wasn't even wearing her top knot.

"Azula!" Exclaimed Ozai, "What are you doing here?"

"You should really pay more attention to your children Daddy!" Azula replied in a raving voice that he never heard before!

She launched a lightning attack, but he dodged it, barely! When he looked back, he saw his father.

"N-no, y-you, I . . ." Ozai could barely speak out of fear and surprise. "You died. I saw you die!"

"You thought you'd betray me!" Azulon shouted. "Like you betrayed Iroh!

Azulon released a powerful fire blast, and Ozai was caught in it!

Why won't you die? Ozai wondered as flames seared through his flesh! Why won't any of you DIE?

Ozai woke up. He was shuddering from the nightmare.

"A prince doesn't have nightmares. He has premonitions." Ozai whispered under his breath.

Ozai shook his head. Why was he thinking about that old proverb Iroh told him? He wasn't a prince anymore. He wasn't even the Fire Lord anymore. He was the Phoenix King! What that ten year old boy had wanted, he had achieved! What that eighteen year old man had wanted, he had achieved! Everything he had ever wanted, he had achieved or was about to achieve. That weak, sentimental boy who let his nightmares rule him had died with his childhood. He had died during the Agni Kai with Iroh. Prince Ozai was no more.

Author's Notes

Zuko serious

Zuko demands to know where his mother is.

The prologue was inspired by The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader where Vader's dreams are about to come true when the Emperor attacks him. This Prologue also shows how Ozai is now compared to what he'll be like in chapter one.


The prologue takes place just before the end of Sozin's Comet Part 2: The Old Masters


  • The fight with Aang in Ozai's dream alludes to their fight in the series finale.
  • Zuko's demand to know where his mother is alludes to the same question in the finale. Zuko is also wearing Roku's headpiece, signifying him as Ozai's successor.
  • Azula's ragged appearance alludes to her mental break down, which was happening at the time of the prologue.

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