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Chapter 5
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Avatar: The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai



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Dai-Kon Hal

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The fifth chapter of The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai. It takes place during 81 AG.


After six years of searching, Ozai had filled out physically. His muscles had increased from practicing his Firebending, and some physical exercises. He had also started growing a beard. Only one thought passed through his mind. He had failed. For the first time in his life, he had actually failed. He didn't even have a clue where the Avatar was, or even the slightest evidence that the Avatar was alive. The only thing he had to go back for was Ursa.

"Sir," The guard said. "It's almost your twenty-fourth birthday. Should we head back?"

"Yes." Ozai said in a defeated voice.

At the palace, Ozai went in to see his father. Azulon had grayed slightly. Ozai bowed down.

"Father," Ozai said. "I failed in my mission. I failed to find the Avatar."

"True." Azulon said. "But you were diligent and thorough in your search, and you stopped the uprising in Han Tui, and captured an island just outside of the Earth Kingdom. That may be useful."

Ozai's eyes widened. Did his father say all that with pride? Was he really proud of him? He had failed in finding the Avatar, but he had finally succeeded in gaining his father's respect. He had won after all. Ozai was walking out when Iroh passed; he was a bit more rotund. Lu Ten was with him, he had grown into a skinny young nine year old boy.

"Brother," Iroh said. "I'm sorry you weren't able to find the Avatar."

"Well," Ozai said. "At least I have a constellation prize."

Ozai walked away with a smile on his face.

He found Ursa. She had grown even lovelier; she was slightly shorter than him now.

Ursa smiled and said, "Ozai, welcome back."

Ozai grabbed her shoulder and kissed her on the lips.

A year later. Ozai and Ursa were married. Iroh was the best man, mostly because he was the closest male friend Ozai had.

Two years later, he and Ursa had a son named Zuko, and two years later, Ursa had a daughter that was named Azula after his father. After Zuko's birth, Ozai made a promise to himself; he would never favor Zuko because he was the oldest. He would do his best to treat his children equally. He also decided to restart those family vacations to Ember Island that they had before his mother died.

Author's Note

This chapter essentially fills in the gap between the previous chapter and the next, with the marriage of Ozai and Ursa, and the births of Zuko and Azula being mentioned.


  • The scene between Ozai and Azulon is slightly similar to Ozai and Zuko's when Zuko returns after his three-year banishment.

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