Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai
The name says it all.
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This fanon is the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender from Fire Lord Ozai's POV.


Just before his fight with the Avatar, Ozai contemplates his life and everything that led him to that point. His childhood with Ursa. His one-sided rivalry with Iroh. His failed attempt to find the Avatar, and his relationship with Zuko and Azula... Plus the fate of Fire Lord Azulon.


Ozai's Family

Ozai as Phoenix King

Ozai contemplates his past.

  • Ozai - As Ozai prepares to destroy the Earth Kingdom, he contemplates his life. From a happy and care-free prince, to a young man obsessed with taking his brother's place on the trone and in his father's eyes, and finally, to the last Fire Lord during the Great War, and the first Fire Lord to face the Avatar in the war.
  • Ursa - Ozai's ex-wife. At first, they were friends then man and wife. Eventually, their love is torn apart by Ozai's lust for power, leading to the events of Ozai's rise and Ursa's banishment.
  • Iroh - Ozai's brother. At first, they're friends, but Azulon's favortism of Iroh turns that friendship into a one-sided rivalry that helps turn Ozai into the man he is today.
  • Azulon - Ozai's father. His constant praise of Iroh and belittlement of Ozai helps drive the wedge in their friendship and also drives Ozai's hunger for power and greatness, setting up his own demise.
  • Zuko - Ozai's son. As Azula becomes more powerful, he disregards Zuko more until their Agni Kai, where Zuko is scared and banished.
  • Azula - Ozai's daughter. As Azula grows stronger, Ozai favors her more and more. Instilling his sense of power is everything into her, this drives Azula to her breakdown.
  • Illah - Ozai's mother. Her death during Ozai's childhood helps plant the seed of darkness that will lead to Ozai's eventually fall from grace.

Supporting Characters

Elemental tornado

The Avatar as Ozai faces him.

  • Aang - The Avatar. He awaits Ozai's attack.
  • Hakoda - One of the leaders of the invasion on the Day of Black Sun. Ozai has him sent to the Boiling Rock.
  • Sokka - Hakoda's son and an ally of the Avatar's.
  • Katara - Hakoda's daughter and an ally of the Avatar's and Zuko's.
  • Suki - Sokka's girlfriend and an ally of the Avatar's.
  • Toph - An ally of the Avatar.

Mentioned Only

  • Sozin - Ozai's grandfather, who he holds in high regards.
  • Zhao - An admiral Ozai favors in capturing the Avatar over Zuko.



There are nineteen chapters in this story counting the prologue and the epilogue.

Author's Notes

This fan-fic was inspired by the Star Wars book, The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader.

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