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Avatar: The Revision is the alternate version of Avatar: The Last Airbender. While the overall plot is the same, in terms of the Hundred Year War, there are numerous changes, character choices, and even new characters entirely, who change the story as it goes on. The rating of PG-13 is reference to the violent acts and sexual themes present in the story (which also differ from the original canon).

Although it isn't official, the series might be shorter than the original version due to the changes in the story. Some changes might remove scenes or other episodes entirely (there are some examples that will be shown in the upcoming chapters).


The story follows, as with the original story, the young airbender named Aang. His life began normal in his peaceful Air Nomad home until he experienced the very beginning of the fire war when his home was attacked and he was forced to run away. Saddened by the loss of his people, he encased himself in an ice orb and has remained undetected. This was until Katara, a Water Tribe girl, had released him from his icy tomb 100 years later! Now having returned in what is now the heat of war, Avatar Aang must learn all the elements and restore the balance to the entire world, otherwise the world he once knew so long ago will never return and fire will reign all over the planet.


Book 1: Water

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Book 2: Earth

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