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Avatar: The Resistance


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June 15, 2012

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The Next day the group started to head towards the Fire Nation Capital. They heard about the struggles they had over there. It was a long trip. It took them a week to fly over there. "Looks like were getting closer. I haven't seen many Chimera since we got here. Are you sure they need our help?" Aria asked.

"Maybe the Chimera found a place to hide. Either way they still need our help. They're having a hard time fighting them. The Fire Nation isn't as big as the Earth Kingdom you know," Ash said.

"I don't think size matters. The Fire Nation is the most technology advance out of all the nations," Nazo said. They landed near the capital, and saw a building near by. As they got closer, a woman came out and walked up to them.

"Hello strangers, what brings you here?" the women asked.

"Were just here to look around. My name is Nazo, this is my sister Aria and my friend Ash," Nazo said.

"It's nice to meet you all. My name is Lily." Lily then noticed Blaze. She smiled at her and Blaze came running at her. She knocked Lily down and started to lick her. "It's nice to see you too Sol."

"Wait you know Blaze?" Ash asked.

"So that's what you call her. We raised her here in till she got away."

"How did she get away?"

"We were taking her for a walk when the rope we had around her neck broke and she flew away."

"Let me guess, you had her in a cage. She doesn't like cages."

"Your right about that. We used to bread dragons here. We stopped because it was hard taking care of dragons."

"I herd of these places. Some people only did it for profit and didn't treat the dragons right," Nazo said.

"I hate it when people do that. They just care about money and nothing else," Aria said

"Trust me we didn't treat any of our dragons that way. We treated them like they were people, will except for the cages," Lily said.

"I would like to know more about Blaze past. If you treated her very good, then something else must have caused her not to trust people," Nazo said.

"It seems she trust you three. Since she's allowed you three to fly on her."

"I'm actually her care taker. I took good care of her. She allowed those two to fly on her back because of me. Still she has gotten used to them. Nazo feeds her before I could," Ash said.

"She almost bite my face off and almost set me on fire. I'm glade she stopped doing that," Nazo said. The sky turned dark and the sound of thunder could be herd in the distance. The winds were blowing fast. The group went into Lily's house and Blaze went into the shed, were she used to stay in. Blaze started to remember her time there. Times were she was with her mother and her siblings. She was tired and went to sleep.

"Looks like were being hit by a big storm. I hope Blaze will be okay," Aria said.

"She'll be fine. She's been through worst storms then this," Lily said.

"So do you live her by yourself?" Ash asked.

"Yes I do live alone. Since my husband is out fighting in the war."

"Have the Chimera attacked recently? I herd your nation is in trouble?" Nazo asked.

"They haven't attacked in awhile. We believe there gathering their forces for one big attack."

"That would explain why we haven't seen any Chimera coming here," Ash said.

"When they do attack, we'll be ready for them. I won't let the Fire Nation fall," Nazo said.

"You shouldn't say things like that. A lot of people have said that. In the end they failed to protect their love ones from the Chimera. My husband said he'll return, but..." Lily started to cry. She didn't want to lose her husband. She already lost her parents to the Chimera during the initial invasion. Aria hugged her and tried to calm her down.

Blaze started to dream about her past. She had just gotten away from her caretakers. She was free to fly around and do what ever she wanted. She went to a nearby forest and lived there for a few years. There was no one to bother her and she was happy. One day as she was walking around, she heard a noise. She walked towards it to find out what it was. As she got closer, she stopped and looked around. She felt something was wrong and started to walk away from the sound. As she walked away, a group of men ambushed her.

She fought back and sent some them flying in the air. She set some other men on fire. She started to fly away, but one of the men hit her with a tranquilizer and she fell to the ground. When she woke up, she was in a cage. She tried to break out, but she couldn't. One of the men who capture her walked in the room laughing.

"You think you could get out of that cage? Don't even try. You'll never get out of that cage. You're a pretty good fighter and that's why you're going into the ring tomorrow. You better win or else," the man said before he walked out. At time there were illegal dragon fights going on. People would train dragons to fight each other. People make bets on which dragon would win. Many dragons died during these fights and people have tried to stop these fights.

The next day Blaze was put into a fight with another dragon. The fight was a bloody one. They kept biting each other and breaking every part of their bodies. Blaze managed to win, but many of her bones were broken, including her wings. For years Blaze was the best fighting Dragon and never once lost. Still her capture never treated her right. He would always abuse her and never treated her wounds. She started to hate people. Her hatred kept growing after every battle. They didn't care about her, they only cared about the money they make. She wanted these people to die. One day she got what she wanted.

That day was the first day of the Chimera invasion. The Chimera came down and attacked everyone. Her capture let her out and went on her back. She walked outside and shuck him off. He kept trying to get back on, but she wouldn't let him. She wanted him dead. Then the building started fall. She got away, but her capture didn't and he was stuck. He looked at Blaze with scared eyes.

"Please help me. I'm sorry for what I did to you. I mean it, I'll treat you better. I won't make you fight anymore, please help me!" The man said to her. Blaze looked at him. She knows he's lying to her. He's just saying that so he could live. She looked away and flew away. As she did, a Chimera killed the man.

She went back to the forest she lived in before she was taken. She was happy to be back. Some of her bones were still broken from the last fight. She was in a lot of pain, but she was happy now. She is free once again. A few days later a group of men were walking around the forest. They found Blaze sleeping in a cave. As they got closer, Blaze woke up and started to attack them. One tried to shoot her, but she sent him flying in the air before he could fire his gun. She kept fighting them in till someone from a distance hits her with a tranquilizer.

When she woke up she was in another cage. She saw a man treating her wounds. She was about to attack when the man started to talk to her.

"You must have been in a nasty fight. You have so many scares. I guess you've been in those dragon fights. Don't worry I won't do that to you. My name is Ash by the way," Ash said. Blaze didn't know what to do. She didn't trust him, but she didn't feel threaten. In the end she let Ash treat her wounds and let him go. As she got to know Ash, she remembers her time at the breeding grounds. She then realized that not all people were bad, but still didn't trust people in till she got to know them. She wants to help Ash and his friend save the world from the Chimera, knowing that her race would be wiped out if she doesn't help.

The next day the group had breakfast and go to see Blaze. Blaze woke up just as they walked in.

"Are you ready to go see the capital?" Ash asked. Blaze roared and they all got out.

"Take good care of her," Lily said.

"Don't worry we will." They wave good-bye and head to the capital.

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