Avatar: The Resistance Chapter 8: The Tower Part 2
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Avatar: The Resistance


Chapter 8

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June 8, 2012

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The group walks around the tower looking for the spot to put the charges. The tower was huge place and they couldn't figure out where they were. They were also trying to avoid being spotted by the Chimera that were still inside the tower. "I think were lost," Nazo said.

"Oh really, did you think were knew we were going? We've been lost for over 30 minutes," Aria said

"Be quiet you two, they can still hear us," Ash said.

"If we don't hurry up they'll kill everyone outside."

"I know we have to hurry, but if we rush me might get even more lost." As Aria and Ash talk, Nazo started to walk towards a door. He wasn't sure why, but he felt like something was calling to him. When he did get to the door Aria stopped him.

"Where do you think your going? We have a job to do." Nazo came back to his senses and the group went back to look for the spot. As they were looking, the Chimera started to push back the Resistance fighters. They were pinning down the fighters and they couldn't hold their ground. The Resistance fighters were trying there best to hold them off, but the ground started to shack.

"Don't tell me there already here," a soldier said.

"I thought it would take a while too, but I guess I was wrong. The Goliaths are coming," Drake said.

"If those things come here were doom. They have those spire missiles that can infect people."

"I believe we'll gone before they come. That is if they can get the job done. Lets hope they don't bring in the fleet as well."

"I hope they do get the job done. It would be a big blow to the Chimera." Inside the tower, the group finally found the spot to put the charges. As they were setting up the charges, Nazo had the same felling again. Something was trying to talk to him, but he didn't know what. As they were finished, something grabbed Nazo and dragged him away. Ash and Aria tried to follow them, but they lost them.

"Did you see what grabbed him?" Aria asked.

"No I didn't, but we need to find him. We have at least ten minutes to find him. Those charges are on a timer you know," Ash said. As the two were looking for Nazo, Nazo woke up in a room. He looked around and saw a creature. It looked like an armored worm with big teeth and six eyes.

"What are you?" Nazo asked.

"I am your enemy Avatar. This world doesn't belong to you," the creature said.

"So you're a Chimera. I guess you're a new strain."

"I'm not a strain. I'm the original Chimera, the Pure Chimera."

"So you're the one who created these other Chimera?"

"Yes, we created the Chimera virus and these other Chimera. The Earth belongs to us and we didn't have the strength to take it back. Now with the virus we can take back what is ours."

"That explains why the towers were so old. You were here before us and then you left the Earth. Why would you want it back when you left it?"

"Who said we left it willingly. We had to leave after we went at war with those pointy ear traitors."

"What do you mean by traitors?"

"We lived on the Earth together for years without fighting. We helped each other out when we needed help. Then they decided to go to war with us. They didn't like what we were doing to the Earth. All we did was just cool the Earth down in places were we lived. They told us we shouldn't do that. It was during the fighting that they messed with one of our devices and caused to the Earth to become unstable. We both had to leave Earth in order to survive. Now that the Earth is stable again, we shall take it back."

"Why can't we just live in peace, like you did before. Maybe we..."

"So you can back stab us when we do something that you don't like. Sorry, but were taking no chances. This world will be ours."

"Then I have no other choice. I have to defeat you and your race. I won't let you kill all of these people because of your selfish desires."

Nazo and the Pure Chimera started to fight each other. The Pure Chimera kept dogging all of Nazo's attack, despite its size. He kept firing fireballs at in till he hit a wall and it come down on the Pure Chimera. It come out of the ruble and charged at Nazo. It wrapped itself around Nazo and was squeezing him like a snake. Nazo couldn't move an inch and it looked like he was going to faint. Then Ash and Aria came through the hole in the wall and attacked the Pure Chimera.

The Pure Chimera let go of Nazo and started to fight with Ash and Aria. As Nazo got up on his feet, he saw a group of Chimera running towards the hole in the wall. He used metal bending to fix the hole in the wall, so the Chimera couldn't get in through the hole. As they were fighting, they herd an explosion. The charges went off and the Tower started to fall apart. The group ran for their lives trying to get out of the tower. As they were running, the Pure Chimera was right behind them. It was catching up to them. Ash metal bend some the debris and threw it at the Pure Chimera, trying to slow it down. It kept dodging his attacks in till some debris from the ceiling fell on top of it and buried it.

They saw an opening and ran towards it. When they did they found out they were high up in the tower. They turned around and saw groups of Chimera coming towards them. They couldn't go anywhere and braced for the worst. Then Blaze with Drake on her back comes up to them. They jumped on Blaze as the Chimera started to fire at them. The whole tower come crashing down just as they got out.

The group returned to the Resistance fighters base. Everyone was celebrating their victory over the Chimera. Everyone was telling stories and how they can't wait for this war to be over. Nazo started to think about what the Pure Chimera said. He knew that the Chimera would do everything they could to take back the Earth. He started to wonder weather or not this war would end the same way as the other war the Chimera fought in. Soon he stooped thinking about and went to celebrate with the others. At the destroyed tower, the Pure Chimera emerged from the rubble. It looked at the field were the battle took place.

"You think of us as a diseases that needs to be destroyed, when we're the evolution of man. You think this planet is your birthright, but it was first ours. It was ours ages before you stood up right. Soon your skies will shine with our stars and the Earth will tremble. Only then will you know what it truly means to suffer," the Pure Chimera said to himself before leaving.

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