Avatar: The Resistance Chapter 3: Rejection
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Chapter 3

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May 5, 2012

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After flying for hours, the group land near a cave in a mountain. They looked around and were amazed by the view. They can see everything where they were. They saw a big forest and beautiful waterfall.

"This is amazing. I never seen anything like this before" Aria said.

"Take one good look at it. You might never see it again," Ash said.

"I think we'll see this place again. We just need to mark it down on the map."

"Yeah about that..."

"Don't tell me you didn't bring a map."

"Yeah I forgot. Sorry..." Aria slapped him across the face. She was very angry and couldn't believe he didn't bring a map.

"You didn't bring a map! Then where we heading the past few hours?"

"Don't worry guys. We'll get a map at the nearest town. If we can find one" Nazo said.

"I doubt we'll find one. Most town were destroyed by the Chimera" Aria said.

"I think Blaze might find one, but she's too tired and hungry," Ash said.

"Then I'll feed her. I brought some food and I got something Blaze will like" Nazo said.

"At least someone is smart and brought something we need" Aria said staring angrily at Ash.

"What did you get Blaze" Ash asked.

"I got her a big peace of meat," Nazo said.

"Well you better give that to me. Blaze might eat you" Ash said.

"Don't worry I'll be fine. Besides she's flying us. She won't eat me." Nazo takes out a big piece of meat out of his bag and heads towards Blaze. As he got close to her, she snapped at him and growled. Nazo jumped at Blaze snapping at him and walked back.

"Will you give it to me now?" Nazo gives Ash the meat and Ash gives it to Blaze. Blaze grabs it and licks Ash's face.

"Why didn't she snapped and growled at you" Aria asked.

"I feed her every meal. So were friends. She just met you, so you can't feed her yet. Not in till she gets used to you" Ash said.

"So why did she fly us around then? Since she only trust you."

"I guess that's another reason why General Jun sent me with you. To make sure she doesn't abandon you two in the middle of nowhere."

"I guess your right." Aria stomach started to growl and looked at Nazo. " What food do you have in your bag?"

"I got noodles, fries, steak, marshmallows, eggs and cheese," Nazo said.

"I guess I'll have the marshmallows." Nazo took out the marshmallows and started to eat. After they finished eating they went to sleep and woke up the next morning. They had breakfast and started flying. After a few hours they saw smoke and headed towards it. They were all happy to know that it was a village that wasn't destroyed by the Chimera. They landed next to the town and walked in.

They walked around the town and started to buy stuff for their trip, including a map. As they were walking around someone stopped them. Ash turned around and saw that it was his grandfather. He was shocked and happy at the same time. He gave his grandfather a big hug and they were happy to see each other.

"Grandpa what are you doing here? I thought you were at..." Ash said.

"I decided to move out of that big city. So I came out here. I'm not afraid of those Chimera" Grandpa said.

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Nazo" Nazo said.

"Nice to meet you. So your Ash's grandfather. My name is Aria" Aria said.

"It's good to see you too. Are you Ash's girlfriend?" Aria and Ash looked at each other with their faces red and then looked at Ash's grandfather.

"No I'm not. Were just friends."

"So what brings you two here?"

"Were traveling around the world to help people," Ash said.

"That's good to hear. How many people have you helped?"

"We just started to travel and I have good news."

"I like good news. What would that be?"

"Nazo is the Avatar and he's come back to help save the world." Everyone looked at Nazo. They were not happy. They looked at him with death stares.

"Why is everyone looking at me" Nazo asked.

"You should have not have said that. You see no one here wants the Avatar. They think..."

"The Avatar is a crowed. He should have helped us a long time ago. So now he decides to help us. Well we don't need him. He can go back to what ever cave he was hiding in" A random person said.

"He should go to hell for not helping us," Another random person said. The crowed started going crazy and they went to Ash's grandfather's place.

"We should be safe from the crowed in here" Ash's grandfather said. Nazo was sitting in a chair. He was staring at the floor and felling bad. They were right about him and he couldn't get over it.

"Nazo are you okay," Aria asked.

"I'm just fine" Nazo said.

"You don't sound fine. It's about those people isn't it?"

"They were right about me. I didn't do anything to help save the world. I thought people would want me to come back."

"You were gone a long time Avatar. I myself was a little upset when you didn't help, but I'm happy that you have returned. They're angry because you couldn't save the people they loved. That the war could have ended earlier if you helped out. You just have to do someone that will get them on your side" Grandpa said.

"What can I do to get them on my side?"

"You'll find a way." An alarm started to go off. Everyone outside started to panic. They were running for their lives.

"What's going on" Aria asked.

"The Chimera are coming. We have to leave" Grandpa said. They all left and started to leave the village. Then Nazo stopped.

"What are you doing" Ash asked.

"I'm going to face them," Nazo said.

"You can't face them. You'll be dead."

"I have to. I need to show the world that I'm not afraid." Ash looked at him and took out his weapon.

"I'm coming with you."

"What are you two doing" Aria asked.

"You get to Blaze. We'll be fine."

"Your craze you won't..." Nazo and Ash started to head back to the village. When they got there they were already benders and soldiers ready to face the Chimera. In the sky were a few Chimera drop ships. They hover over the ground and the Chimera troops got out.

"Are you ready" Ash asked.

"I'm ready to face them" Nazo replied. They all ran towards the Chimera and a battle broke out. Rocks and bodies were flying around. Men were bleeding to death after getting shots. They couldn't find cover because of Chimera Auger fire. The Chimera Auger can shoot energy bolts that drill through objects. They were losing to many men and they couldn't hold them back.

Nazo looked around and memories of the attack on his town came flowing into his head. He couldn't let the Chimera take this town. Not with him being here. He created a hug wall of fire and burned a lot of Chimera. He used water from a nearby fountain to freeze some Chimera in place. Ash then shoots them to death and used Earth bending to send a huge rock towards a group of Chimera. They were finally getting the upper hand. The Chimera didn't think the town would be this hard to take over. As Nazo was about to kill another group of Chimera one jumped on and forced him to the ground. Before The Chimera could kill him, Blaze came out of nowhere and ate the Chimera.

"Blaze what are you doing here" Nazo asked.

"I think she knew you guys needed help," Aria said.

"Well thank you Blaze. I owe you one." As they were fighting they heard something. They looked at the sky. It was a Chimera Spire. Everyone lost hoped and close their eyes. Nazo looked at it and used Air Bending to jump high in the air. He jumped onto the spire and used metal bending to make it change its course. After that he set the inside on fire killing all the spinners inside. He jumped out and landed near a group of Chimera. When he did land he used air bending to send the Chimera flying. The men cheered and continued to fight the Chimera and eventually won.

All the towns' people came back and were all happy. Their town was saved by the Avatar and they all thanked him. They all began to apologize for what they said earlier.

"No you were right. I was a cowered. I should have done someone earlier. Still the world still needs me and I'm going to help this time. I won't stop in till the Chimera are defeated" Nazo said with the crowed cheering. The people began to celebrate and gave them gifts for their journey. After the celebration they all went to sleep and getting ready for their next trip.

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