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Republic City streets at night
Avatar: The Resistance Chapter 2: Reunion
Chapter information

Avatar: The Resistance


Chapter 2

Written by


Release date

April 28, 2012

Last chapter

Avatar: The Resistance Chapter 1: Nazo

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Avatar: The Resistance Chapter 3: Rejection


Someone was walking around the streets of Republic City. He hasn't been here for a long time and can't believe how much it has changed. Theirs a wall surrounding the entire city just like Ba Sing Se. 'There' 'were guards everywhere. Crime has gone up since the war started. People are afraid that the Chimera will come one day, so they do what ever they want before that happens. 'As the person is walking, a man stops him.

"Where do you think your going? You're not suppose to be here," said the man.

"I'm sorry, I must have taken a wrong turn. I'll be going now," said the person.

"Is that so. So you're not even going to say hi to me, Nazo?"

"Wait a minute. Is that you, Ash?"

"The one and only. How are you doing? It's been a long time."

"Yes, it has been a long time. I've been doing well lately. It looks like you joined the military."

"Yes I have. It's better then sitting in a cave all day." Nazo looked at him with a sad look. Ash looked back at Nazo. He felt very bad for saying that. "Sorry that I said that. I guess I said too much."

"I don't want to talk about it."

"That's wrong with you Nazo. You don't like to talk about things from your past. Look what you did wasn't your fault."

"You're sounding like my sister."

"Don't be like that, Nazo. You know were both right about this. Now come on, you're not suppose to be here."

"I don't know where to go. I just got back..."

"I know where your sister lives. I visit her from time to time." Ash starts to bring Nazo to his sister's house. Nazo looks around some more. He sees a lot of poor people living on the streets. A lot of people looked at him. He's not sure if they know who he is. If they do know, then they must hate him. They arrive at his sister house and Nazo knocks on the door. The door opens and she looks at them.' She looked at her brother in shock. He was out of that cave. Tears came down her eyes and she hugged her brother.

"You decided to get out of the cave," she said.

"It's good to see you too Aria" Nazo said.

"I must have put some senses into you."

"You sure did. You're right it wasn't my fault and now I have to do something about this war."

"That's what I wanted to hear, but how are you going to help?"

"Well there are some places that need help fighting off the Chimera. You can start there," Ash said.

"Isn't there a lot of places that need help," Aria asked.

"Yes there are, but I think the Avatar can handle it."

"I'll try my best, but how are we going to get to these places. I lost my animal guide years ago and I doubt a car can drive on water," Nazo said.

"I know where we can get some transportation." Nazo and Aria follow Ash to the military base in Republic City. They walk into a room where a man was sitting at his desk. "Hello General Jun. I need to..." Jun looked at Nazo and got up. He looked at him with a death stare.

"So you decided to come back after all these years Avatar" Jun said.

"It's good to see you too Master" Nazo said.

"Wait so you know him" Ash asked.

"Yeah, He taught Nazo Earth bending" Aria said.

"That's not why you come to see me. So what do you want" Jun asked.

"I need some transportation," Nazo said.

"Why should I give you transportation? You didn't help us when the war started. So why should I help you?"

"You're right, I didn't help, but people still need my help. I have to redeem myself to the people of the world." Jun looked back at his former student. He looked into his eyes and saw that he meant what he said.

"Follow me then." Jun brought them to a big cage. The cage was so dark that you couldn't see what's inside. There were guards everywhere.

"So what's in there" Aria asked. Then fire came out of the cage. It lit up the cage and for a brief moment saw a black and white dragon.

"Does that answer your question? So you're giving him Blaze" Ash asked.

"She will bring the Avatar where ever he needs to go" Jun said as he opened the cage. Blaze walked out of her cage and spread her wings. She made a huge roar. She's been in that cage for a very long time and she's never been out of that cage in till now. "Take good care of her Avatar. Also Ash I want you to go with him."

"Why do you want me to go with him" Ash asked.

"To make sure he's helping people and to report on what's going on out in the world. We haven't had contact in a lot of places for years."

"What ever you say sir."

"I'm coming to," Aria said.

"Are you sure? It's going to be dangerous," Nazo said.

"It's better then staying at home all day."

"Then lets get going. The world needs us." Nazo, Aria and Ash all get on Blaze as the ceiling doors open.

"Good luck to you all. You're going to need it," Jun said. Blaze lifts off the ground and flies into the skies.

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