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Avatar: The Resistance Chapter 1: Nazo
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Avatar: The Resistance


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April 20, 2012

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In Republic City a girl is walking around and buying food in market place. As she walks away from the market place she looks up at the sky, she can't help but feel sad. She is in place that is currently safe from the Chimera, while people who are not in heavily defended cities are being killed or converted into Chimera. She walks into a forest and looks around. She wants to be sure that no one has followed her. She earthbends to an underground maze.

She's been through this maze many times and knows how to get to the end. When she does she walks into a room. Inside the room is a boy. He's sitting down and staring at a wall.

"How long have you been looking at that wall" the girl asked.

"That's none of your business" the boy replied.

"Well I brought food for you. I hope your hungry."

"I haven't eaten all day, of course I'm hungry!" She gives him the food she brought and watches him eat. He ate like there was no tomorrow. He must have been really hungry.

"Nazo when are you going to leave this place? It's so depressing."

"I don't plan on leaving. I'm in exile, remember."

"You exiled yourself, remember. The world needs you, you're the Avatar."

"Don't remind me Aria." Nazo looks at the floor. Memories of his 'failure' rushed into his mind. Memories of cities and villages being destroyed, people being killed or infected, tears started to come down his face.

"It wasn't your fault. Everyone was caught off guard by their attack."

"Yes it is my fault! By the time they came I should have been ready, while the Four Nations were. I'm the Avatar and I should have stopped the Chimera before it got this far." Aria then slapped him across the face and gave him a cold stare.

"I have enough of this! The world needs you and you refuse to help, all because you didn't save some towns and cities. This is what happens in war. Mom and Dad would be ashamed of you. Stay here and cry all you want. It's not going to help." Aria storms off with tears in her eyes. She knows her brother can stop the Chimera and save the world, but she is starting to think that he can't.

In the war room some Generals are coming up with a plan, a plan that would be a huge blow to the Chimera. A blow so huge that they believe it could change the tide of the war. Then they hear something.

"Sir were getting a message from Omashu" a trooper said.

"What is the message?" a General asked.

"I don't know. It's hard to understand." Soon the message started to clear up.

"We need reinforcements now! We are being over run!" the voice from the radio said.

"We just sent some over a week ago, they should have..."

"How they get in here? No wait..." After that there was nothing, but silence.

"Tell General Jun to that the Omashu is no more," the general said. The radio operator at the Fire Nation Capital fell to the ground dead, with a Chimera looking over his dead body. The Chimera were all over Omashu, their ships filled the skies. The people of Omashu ran for their lives, while the earthbenders and remain troopers try to hold back the Chimera.

Then they heard a sound. It was coming from the air. They stopped fighting and closed their eyes. They knew what it was. It was a spire missile and once you see or hear it coming, the battle is over. The spire missile landed and released creatures know as spinners. The spinners started to infect people with the Chimera virus. One after another, the people fall into a coma and the Chimera started to bring them to conversation centers. As they were doing this, they started to dig for something.

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