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Avatar: The Resistance


Chapter 16

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August 2, 2012

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The group wakes up in the morning and hears the news about Helghan. They were saddened to hear this, but they made the right choice of leaving and bringing the cure to Ba Sing Se. As they got up, someone knocks on the door and Aria answers the door. "Hello," Aria said.

"Hello, my name is James. I'm a friend of Eric," James said.

"Nice to meet you James. My name is Aria. So what brings you here?"

"Eric told me you had the cure. I came to pick up to mass produce it."

"Yes we have the cure. You should come in." James walks in and meets the others.

"This room looks small for four people. I thought the Avatar could afford a better room."

"It's the only place we could find. Besides it's not that bad," Nazo said.

"So James is there other people who are going to help mass produce this cure?" Aria asked.

"No, my factories are going to be the only places that will mass produce it. Eric doesn't trust the other people here."

"Why doesn't her trust them?" Ash asked.

"I told him about some of the rumors that were going around. The biggest one is that the Earth King made a deal with the Chimera."

"Why would he make a deal with the Chimera?" Mia asked.

"To keep Ba Sing Se safe. Come to think of it, we haven't been attacked for months. The Chimera would always attack us every two weeks."

"They could be preparing for a large attack. That's what happened at the Fire Nation Capital," Nazo said.

"You could be right. Ba Sing Se is the one of two biggest cities still standing. The other being Republic City. We have to do something soon or we all be wiped out."

"I got a plan."

"What's your plan Nazo?" Aria asked.

"Well it's not my plan. It's more like the Black Hood's."

"Why would you listen to that crazy man's plan?" Mia asked.

"Just listen to it first. He said the Chimera are just mindless drones controlled by the Pure Chimera. The Pure Chimera are lead by a Grand Master. If we take out the Grand Master, then the Pure Chimera will fight each other to take his place."

"That sounds like a stupid plan. First we don't know who the Grand Master is and we don't know where it is," Ash said.

"I do know who the Grand Master is. You know that Pure Chimera we meet at the tower near Omashu?"

"I remember that thing," Aria said.

"The Black Hood said he's the Grand Master and he might be in a hub tower."

"What's a hub tower?" Mia asked.

"It's a main tower. All towers are connected to a hub tower. If a hub tower is destroyed then all the towers connected to it will be destroyed," James said.

"Still he could be in any of the hub towers. How do we know which one?" Ash asked.

"It will be tough to find him. I agree with the Black Hood's plan. We should at least try it."

"I can't believe you want to go with it."

"It's the only plan we have right now."

"I guess we have to convince the Earth King to agree with this plan," Aria said.

"It's going to be hard to convince him. It will also take time to get a meeting with him," James said.

"James can I ask you a question?" Mia asked.

"What's your question?"

"Do you know where I could go to get information on my father?"

"I don't know any place. We sent a few ships to go rescue your father and the others when we find out about the Fire Nation Capital. They haven't come back yet."

"I hope they got him."

"Well I better get going. The cure isn't going to mass produce it's self." Eric took the cure and left the room. Ash and Aria went to check up on Blaze, while Mia and Nazo went for a walk. Mia was still worried about her father and Nazo tried to comfort her. They arrived at the docks and see ships arriving. Mia was wondering if these ships were the rescue ships the Earth King sent to rescue her father. They got near the ships and saw people walking out of the ships. They soon realized that ships that came in were shipping boats. A man saw them and came up to them.

"Do you happen to be the Fire Lords daughter?" the man asked.

"Yes I am. Why do you ask?" Mia asked.

"I saw your face once in the paper and I just wanted to be sure. I have to tell you something and you might want to sit down." When they herd that, they knew it wasn't good news. They both sat on a bench and listen to what the man had to say. "I was fishing when I saw Fire Nation ships. I knew they were from the capital because the lead ship looked like the Fire Lords ship. Then a Chimera Kraken came out of the water and attacked the ships. The Earth Kingdom rescue ships soon arrived, but they stood no chance. I wanted to help, but I couldn't. I would have gone down with them. I started to leave, before the Kraken could see me. I doubt any one would have survived that. Even if they did, I believe they would have been finished off by Chimera Furies. I'm sorry for your lost."

"Does any one else know?" Nazo asked.

"I just got back. Soon everyone will know about what happened." The man left and Nazo looked at Mia. She was crying and placed her head onto Nazo's chest. Nazo hugged her and started to think about the question she asked him a few days ago. He knew he had to give her an answer soon. Ash and Aria see them and wonder why Mia was upset. Nazo tells them what happened and they all started to comfort her. After calming Mia down they started to walk around the city.

They went to different places and meet many people. They all enjoyed themselves, except for Mia. She was too upset and couldn't stop thinking about her father. She also started to think about her mother as well. She started to head back to the hotel, not wanting to ruin every ones fun. Nazo wanted to go back with her, but Ash and Aria tell him not to follow her and she needed time alone. As they were walking around, Ash and Aria see that Nazo has disappeared.

They're not sure if he went back to the hotel or he had to use the bathroom. Ash went back to the hotel, while Aria looked around the city. Ash arrived at the hotel and found that Nazo wasn't there. He and Mia left the hotel and started to look around the city. They were all getting worried and thought something bad happen to him. As Aria was walking by a jewelry store, she saw Nazo in the store. She was happy to find him, but was confused by the fact he's in a jewelry store. Nazo didn't care for jewelry, but then she remembered the question Mia asked. She knew why he was in there and waited for him to come out.

When he came out, she scolds him for leaving them. Nazo apologized and she forgives him, knowing why he left them without telling them. They meet up with Ash and Mia and they weren't happy for what he did. He apologizes to them and then a man came up to them.

"You're the friends of James right?" the man asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Nazo asked.

"He said he wants to meet you at the Earth Kings palace."

"I guess he got permission to meet the king."

"Then lets go meet the king," Ash said. They get onto Blaze and fly to the Earth Kings palace. When they arrived they see James and walk up to him."

"Did you get permission to talk to the king?" Aria asked.

"No I didn't, but the king has a secret," James said.

"How do you know?" Nazo asked. James earth bends some walls down and they see the Earth King talking to a Pure Chimera. They were shocked to see this and they walk up to the Earth King to ask what's going on.

"What are you doing here? You had no right to do what you did," the Earth King said.

"So you were making deals with the Chimera you traitor," Mia said.

"You don't know what you're talking about. I'm no traitor."

"How's making a deal with the Chimera not make you a traitor?"

"Maybe you should listen to what he has to say," the Pure Chimera said. Nazo recognized the voice and knew that the Pure Chimera was the same one he met before.

"It's good to see you again Diablo," Nazo said.

"So you know my name. It's good to see you again Avatar."

"You don't belong here."

"You should be happy that I'm here. You should be happy to know that you won't be whipped out."

"What do you mean?"

"I made a deal with him. He will leave Ba Sing Se alone, as long as we let leave the Chimera alone," the Earth King said.

"How could you make a deal like that? You're letting the Chimera kill people. How could you give up?" Mia asked.

"We have no chance. We can't defeat the Chimera."

"I think we can. We can end this war right now," Nazo said looking at Diablo. Diablo knew what Nazo was up to and wrapped himself around the Earth King.

"If you attack me, he will die. You should all leave right now," Diablo said.

"How about you leave. You don't belong here."

"I will leave. As long as you don't attack me."

"Fine, just leave." Diablo let the Earth King go and left the city. The Earth King got up and looked at the group. He told them to leave and he wasn't going to change his mind about the deal.

"We have a plan that could defeat the Chimera. Don't you want to hear it?" Ash asked.

"I will listen to your plan. I heard a million plans before, but none could defeat the Chimera," the Earth King said.

"Trust me sir, this plan will work," James said. They told the Earth King the plan and it sounded similar to him. He tells them he heard of this plan before, but believed it wasn't worth the risk. He said he would think about it and left the room. Ash and Aria headed back to the hotel, while Mia and Nazo went to a park. They walked around the park, but stopped when they were near a lake.

"Mia, you know the question you asked me?" Nazo asked.

"Yes I remember," Mia said.

"I have my answer."

"What is it?" Nazo grabbed her hand and slipped a ring on. Mia knew his answer and was very happy. She hugged him and the two share a kiss.

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