Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Old Kingdom in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Old Kingdom.

"They're too powerful, that's the problem.

Then, what are we supposed to do, huh?''"

— Tagline of Fanon:Avatar: The Old Kingdom
Old Kingdom
Avatar: The Old Kingdom
When tyranny has reached its limits, the people must act
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Avatar:The Old Kingdom is an upcoming fanon, to be written by The avatar. The story revolves a young teenager, who has been a victim of an act of tyranny by a powerful kingdom. It is set in the Earth Kingdom, long before the days of Avatar Aang. However, the Earth Kingdom isn't unified. No land is. There are hundreds of small, large, weak, and powerful kingdoms across the world. There are great clans, great animals, great cities, and great people. No kingdom, or people, are peaceful. A certain kingdom grows too powerful, and too tyrannical. It is time to set them in their place. It is time to act. The time, will have to be now, because if it isn't then...


Kaze is the prince of the Mighty Sky Confederation. Despite this, he lives a fairly standard life. However, everything changes, when nearly everyone in his family is killed. The First of many raids by an occupied nation. His country can no longer ignore it. Their nation is in danger, and so is the world. Kaze is also more than a prince, he is much more. There is something about him, something the spirits have foretold.


The avatar currently plans on the series to be released during Book 2, of his current fanon, The Phoenix Chronicles. All updates shall be mainly listed here.


The Release Date is hopefully placed in Late Fall (Sept. - Oct.)


Nation Name
Nation Description
Notable Citizens
Sky Confederacy The Sky Confederacy are the ancestors of the Air Nomads. However, they are far from a peaceful nomadic nation. Centralized at the Southern Air Temple, their soldiers are feared as one of the best. After an unexpected massacre and thus invasion, from the Song Kingdom, the Sky Confederacy declared war, and pledged to rid of the desolate nation. They are currently having some political differences due to the large powers of their religious leaders and the king.
Khmer Tribes The Khmer Tribes are the ancestors of the Water Tribe. They are a war-like nation of hunters, raiders, and warriors. However, despite original gains, and a powerful empire they were also targets of many nations who are afraid of them. They were one of the first targets of the Song Kingdom, and soon lost control of their Capital Taku and were forced to withdraw to the Northern reaches of their empire. Recently, the Sky Confederacy and the Omashu Kingdom have pledged aid and resources to save the nation, but some say it is too late.
Omashu Kingdom The Omashu Kingdom, is located through the Central Earth Kingdom, with it's Capital Omashu in the Kolau Mountains. They are a peaceful nation, but have vast control over the majority of the Si Wong Desert. After a recent invasion from the Song Kingdom, they joined the Sky Confederacy and the Khmer Tribes in War. They also have a long-standing boundary disputes with the Si Wong Sultanate who claim the Si Wong Desert as their own. Chikyu
Kalmar Provinces The Kalmar Provinces, are a nation of Firebenders, locked between the Khmer Tribes and the Omashu Kingdom. They fairly meddle with foreign politics, and focus on commerce and economics. However, there has been a recent revolution in the nation, and they became allied to the Song Kingdom. Many Analysts presume, that the Song have couped the former king
Si Wong Sultanate The Si Wong Sultanate is a land-locked nation nestled in the Center of the Earth Continent. They control the "Serpent's Pass" and thus entrance into the Song Kingdom. They are a neutral nation by law, but it is widely believed that they are helping the Song Kingdom in their quest for world domination. They have a long-standing claim over the Omashu Kingdom over the Si-Wong Desert, which they claim is being occupied by the foreigners.
Song Kingdom The Song Kingdom is a mighty war-like empire that controls the entire Northeastern peninsula, with it's capital, Ba Sing Se. They have recently conducted raids against most of the nations on the continent, resulting in a war. Despite the apparent odds, their people were made for war, and they claim to have the resources to survive and win.
Other Factions There are also various other minor powers in the world of TOK. These include minor city-states, distant kingdoms, and anywhere in between.


The Fanon has been received with eager anticipation for it's release.

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