Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The New Story in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar:The New Story
After The End Of One, There Is Always A New Story
General information

Action, Adventure, Romance


Shaun The Great


40 (planned)



Original run

June 17, 2012-Present


20-25 mins


Shaun The Great


A month after defeating the "self-proclaimed" Phoenix King Ozai. Things seemed to be going smoothly for Team Avatar. But but the world is on the brink of war once more, and everyone blames one person. Hei'an, a clonebender. Not much is known about clonebenders due to recent discovery, but it is known they can copy people bending. Not much is known about Hei'an either but he's excuse drive the world into chaos. Saying "I must destroy what has no meaning".As Aang continues his duties as the avatar, but cares about his duties more than Katara, which leads Katara feeling lonely


Season 1:Ep 1:Fanon:Restarting The World.

Ep 2:The Dormancy.

Ep 3: The Witness.

Ep 4: The Discovery.

Ep 5: Return To Ba Sing Se.

Ep 6: Katara and Aang.

Ep 7: Betrayal

Ep 8: The Encounter

Ep 9: The Secrets Of Clonebending

Ep 10: The Thunderstorm

Ep 11: Naryxl Attack

Ep 12 : Red River

Ep 13: Invasion of Palace City

Ep 14: Zuko's Wrath

Ep 15: When Fools Fall In Love

Ep 16: Confessions

Ep 17: Fall of Palace City

Ep 18: Against All Odds

Ep 19 & 20 : The Last Stand Part 1 And 2

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