The Avatar's Destiny
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The Avatar's Destiny

Synopsis: Twins Kwato and Kwata discover they are the Avatar and must return peace to the world, but Kwata doesn't want to be the Avatar while her brother is much more excited to have the power of the Avatar at his fingertips. Kwata runs away and Hiroshima and Kwato go look for her.

Story: (Page 1) Someone is shown Firebending, Firebending soup. The Firebender turns out to be Hiroshima who says to a figure across the room, "Soup's Done." The figure Waterbends the soup out of the pot Hiroshima was using and into a bowl on the table in front of them. The figure turns out to be Kwata, who says "Thank you, Hiroshima." in a timid and soft voice. Hiroshima responds with, "Okay, Lets eat." which Kwata responds to by saying, "Okay." The setting changes to somewhere outside at a seemingly baron snow land full of large dome shaped lumps. Kwato is then shown creating a snowball out of the snowy terrain by Waterbending it. "Almost got it", Kwato says to himself in a hushed tone. "Done!", he says rather loudly. Then we see that this is not his first, as he has many more snowballs stocked amongst the ground behind him. Kwato looks up above his snow fort and is surprised by another young boy yelling "Fire!" and pointing in Kwato's direction. Kwato ducks behind his fort and laughs while saying "Haha, No!" as a large collection of snowballs fly through the air directly at him. Kwato squeezes his eyes shut, preparing for a drowning of snowballs with a smile on his face. He opens one of his eyes while awaiting the crash but instead turns around, looks over his fort to see all the snowballs gone and the village's spirit counselors standing still in front of him stating, "We need to talk to you and your sister."

(Page 2) The scene changes to a front view of Kwato, Kwata, and Hiroshima's igloo house. Kwato enters stating, "Kwata, the spirit counselors want to talk to us." Kwata responds with, "What'd you do now?" The scene changes to later on while Kwato and Kwata enter the Southern Water Tribe's spirit oasis. Kwato says, "These guys give me the creeps." Kwata interrupts and unfolds her arm in front of Kwato and says, "Wait, this is the place." (by using her seismic-sense sub-skill of her Waterbending). Kwato responds with, "Yeah, I kinda figured...this is where spirit dudes would hang," while in front of a giant spirit oasis entrance. They enter into dark room with no lights which makes everything seem presented in silhouettes. A man atop of a large throne high above the ground in between two large pillars emitting steam. The man tells the twin, "Twins, Kwato and Kwata, you have been acknowledged as the new Avatar incarnations." Kwato questions, "Wait, so both of us possess unlimited power and bending control!" Which the man responds to with, "Um, yah." Kwato loudly says, "Yes!" while Kwata further behind says to herself, "Yeah?" The two leave and Kwato talking to Kwata says, "Can you believe that just yesterday..." Kwata interrupts, "We were normal." Kwato responds, "I was going to say living a dull life." While Kwata begins to cry, she turns around at Kwato and tells him in a harsh tone, "Shut up! You don't understand what this place means to me and everyone else that lives here! You wanna leave so bad, go ahead, just don't ask me to come with you!" The twins turn silent. And Kwata leaves Kwato alone in the icy tundra, while still crying to herself silently.

Trivia: This is the first part of the Avatar Begins Trilogy

Kwato, Kwata, and Hiroshima are introduced

This is the first time Firebending and Waterbending are used

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