Ashes in the Air
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Kwato, Kwata, Hiroshima, and Tori return to their village to find a Fire Navy fleet attacking it. The team must stop them before they burn everything down to the ground.


(Page 1) A mysterious Firebender appears in the darkness while they're creating immense amounts of fire. Meanwhile Kwato without a second thought creates a wave behind him and unleashes it on some Firebenders approaching them while Tori flies off to the sky above the city. He then creates a water spout and dissolves part of the city walls to make a door, doing all this despite Hiroshima's disapproval. Kwato creates another massive wave which he uses to flood the enemies ahead. The Firebenders attack back at Kwato. Kwato jumps out of the water spout into a backflip barely avoiding the fire blasts directed at him. He then pushes the water spout forward which runs over the Firebenders. Meanwhile Hiroshima tries to protect Kwata from the oncoming Firebenders. She senses one out of Hiroshima's range and uses a water whip to knock them out. Hiroshima and Kwata furiously use their bending to defeat the surrounding Firebenders. Kwato creates a wave to deflect the fire blasts, while the princess leading the invasion (Firebender from first few scenes) stands above her ship talking with the general questioning why they have not defeated the Aater Tribes forces yet. He tells her of a Waterbender that is overpowering them shamefully.

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  • This is the third and final part of the Avatar Begins Trilogy.
  • This is the first chapter to have more than two pages in it.
  • Princess Kazashi is introduced.
  • This is the first time we see Kwata's traveling outfit.
  • This is the first time Kwata uses the Avatar State.


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