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Kwata encounters the flying beast from the town legends. Kwato and Hiroshima continue to look for Kwata.


(Page 1) The story starts off with a giant shadow of some kind of bird. Then a man announces to an unseen audience saying," And that, my friends is the story of Tori, the flying beast!"

The audience is revealed to be a bunch of young Water Tribe kids, amongst them is a young Kwata (this setting takes place 9 years ago.) Young Kwato is then shown creating a rising platform out of ice from a snow ground surrounding everyone.

Kwata says, "Don't mind Kwato. He just wants attention." to the other kids. Taking a close look at who Kwata was is revealed to be a memory being thought up by current day Kwata who roams the further parts of her home. Here she finds a large cave.

The scene changes to an angry Hiroshima getting mad at Kwato for abandoning Kwata. Hiroshima tells Kwato, "How could you just have let her leave, she's blind for Avatar's Sake!"

Kwato interrupts, "Relax! I can find her."

Hiroshima questions, "How?"

Kwato responds with'"It's a twin thing." He closes his eyes and they are slightly visible to be seen glowing along with his tattoo.

(Page 2) Kwato opens his eyes and is able to see what Kwata sees. They see a large silhouette of a huge beast and Kwato awakes and tells Hiroshima, "We've gotta go, she's in trouble." and Hiroshima says to himself, "Oh No."

Meanwhile Kwata communicates with the beast through their minds and spirits. Kwata says to the beast,"Hello, I am Kwata of the Water Tribe. Who or what are you?"

The beast replies, "I am Tori. I am a komodo hawk. I will not hurt you... I sense you are going through tough times. I will help you. I know you are scared of what is beyond your home, but do not fear. I have been all around the world, and so have you, in past lives of your Avatar Spirit."

Kwata replies, "I never thought about it that way... maybe you're right."

Suddenly Kwato and Hiroshima arrive shouting, "Kwata, we're here to save you!"

Kwata shouts, "No!" to Hiroshima who's about to attack Tori. Kwata runs in front of Tori and tries to explain to Hiroshima, "Don't, Tori isn't a monster she's my friend, and she help me realize that I should accept my destiny."

Kwato and Hiroshima look at each other questioning Kwata's judgment. Later Kwata is explaining to Tori how she will feel when they get home by saying, "I know you're gonna love..." then as they approach their home they see the area covered in fire and Kwata finishes her statement in shock, "...Our home?"


  • This is the second part of the Avatar Begins Trilogy.
  • Tori is introduced.
  • This is the first time Kwata is able to see in over seven years, although she was unable to comprehend what she saw because Kwato was acting as her eyes.
  • This is the first time we see Kwato's traveling outfit.

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