Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The New Beginning in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The New Beginning
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Over 20 years after a World War between the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Water Tribes was started, twin Waterbenders from the South Pole are revealed to be the new Avatar. One powerful spirit in two different kids leads to TWO different personalities and set of challenges. Kwata, the elder daughter of the twins, was blinded by a strike to the eyes as a child during an attack by the Fire Nation which also lead to the death of her and her brother's parents. Kwato however was born a talented Waterbender, but is very rebellious and destructive in nature. With the spirit of the Avatar in these two very different kids takes them and their friends around the world in a life-threatening mission to return peace to the whole world.

Book 1: Earth


Book 1 Earth Cover


  • Kwato: Avatar/Waterbender/ 2nd Blue Spirit: Born an amazing Waterbender with skills matched to a master at an early age. Kwato is however very rebellious and craves a life away from his "popsicle home". After discovering he is part of the Avatar's new life Kwato quickly takes the advantage of a chance of adventure in his life. Accompanied by his sister, his guardian, and new pet they take off on a wild adventure in the Earth Kingdom.
  • Kwata: Avatar/Waterbender: Born as a sheltered young girl due to her near death experience after birth, stories from her mother tell that Kwata was touched by the ocean spirit which proves through Kwata's strange birth mark. When the first few attacks on her home were started she was given a harsh strike by a Firebender to her eyes which caused her blindness, that same man is also the man who is believed to have killed Kwato and Kwata's mother. After discovering she was part of the Avatar Kwata was shocked and refused to accept this due to her fear of the outside world, this lead to her running away from home and discovering Tori. After connecting with Tori, Kwata discovered that she (like Tori) spread her wings to discover new lands and restore peace.
  • Hiroshima: Guardian to the Avatars/Firebender: Son to the Fire Lord's personal assistants. He had left the Fire Nation because he was sick of being someone else's puppet, so he boarded a fleet ship that was unknowingly to him headed for the South Pole. He was kicked out of the ship after the crew discovered his presence and wanted nothing to do with him. He was attacked by a young Kwato due to the pain his sister was in after being burnt, Hiroshima soon explained himself and was able to help Kwata which earned him trust from the whole village. Years later he accompanies the twins with their world travelling adventure.
  • Tori: Giant Komodo Hawk/Transportation: Was believed to be an ancient legend amongst the Southern Water Tribe as a giant flying monster. This legend was proven to be true when Kwata had found her after running away from home. She and Kwata connected through spirit and Tori actually turned out to be the new Avatar's first teacher as she taught Kwata that she needs not to be afraid of the world because Tori has already been all around it. Now Tori is the teams way of transportation on their mission to restore peace to the world.
  • Boufaita: Skilled Fighter/Weapon Specialist: The team met Boufaita at Kyoshi Island. Boufaita is the one who tells the twins of the Kyoshi rebels who are a dangerous group of rouge Kyoshi Warriors who torment the towns people. Boufaita comes to Hiroshima's rescue after he is captured by the Kyoshi rebels and taken to their hideout. After this the team decides to let Boufaita into their group.
  • Bengo: Defensive Earthbending Master: The team first met Bengo at an Earthbending lesson, not knowing that he was the teacher. They later met again after his brother introduces them to him. He helps the team battle off Kazashi's forces and the team asks him to be part of the team as the twins defensive Earthbending teacher.
  • Zaika: Offensive Earthbending Master: The team sees Zaika as part of the Earth Rumble 18. Kwato approaches him in the ring which Zaika takes as a challenge to which he intensely tries to smash Kwato. Kwato however is able to avoid his attacks and uses Zaika's sweat as a water to bend and is able to use this to beat Zaika. After that Zaika and Kwato make peace and joins the team as the twins offensive earth bending teacher. He later introduces the team to his brother Bengo.
  • Kazashi: Granddaughter of Fire Lord/Firebender: Raised by her cruel grandmother to perfect her Firebending at only 5 years old. Kazashi first encounters the team at their home and later the Southern Air Temple. She is very cruel and also calm. She utilizes blue fire and lightening similar to her grandmother's style but Kazashi tends to get more out of hand with it when she is upset.
  • Zatari: Firebender: A mysterious Firebender who was raised by the Fire Sages. He has some unknown score to settle with the Avatar so he sets out to find them. He first meets the team at whale tail island where he single handedly takes down Hiroshima and Kwato. Kwata however has a special scorn towards him because she has a hatred for all Firebenders (except Hiroshima) because of what they did to her and her mother.
  • Jane: Skilled Sword Fighter/Knife Throwing Expert: A young girl who meets the gang at Chin during the Avatar Day Celebration. She saves them from Kazashi and helps them escape Zatari. They later meet up again while on their way to the Serpent's Pass where she helps them get through. And finally helps them locate Kwato after he runs away as the Blue Spirit, where she helps him break free of the spirit's curse.


Over 20 years after a World War between the Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Water Tribes was started, twin Waterbenders from the South Pole are revealed to be the new Avatar. After accepting their new destiny to restore peace, Kwato, Kwata, and Hiroshima journey to the Earth Kingdom to find an Earthbending Teacher. After finding new friends Boufaiti, Bengo, and Zaika the team journey through the Earth Kingdom to the Serpent's pass where they plan to travel across the sea to the Fire Nation. However the team takes a detour to Ba Sing Se in order to get the Earth King to resolve his war with the Water Tribes. This leads to a further crisis which involves the blue spirit which takes over Kwato and leads the whole team to the edge of the Earth Kingdom where their biggest battle will come to fruition. Along the way they encounter new allies King Bumi, A tea shop owner named Iroh, and the twins friend Tao. They also however encounter dangerous enemies like The Kyoshi Rebels, Zatari, and Kazashi.



Avatar Begins Trilogy Cover

01 : Twins Kwato and Kwata discover they are the Avatar and must return peace to the world, but Kwata doesn't want to be the Avatar while her brother is much more excited to have the power of the Avatar at his fingertips. Kwata runs away and Hiroshima and Kwato go look for her.

02 The Beast: Kwata encounters the flying beast from the town legends. Kwato and Hiroshima continue to look for Kwata.

03 Ashes in the Air: Kwato, Kwata, Hiroshima, and Tori return to their village to find a Fire Navy fleet attacking it. The team must stop them before they burn everything down to the ground.

04 The Avatar Cycle: Hiroshima takes the team to the Southern Air Temple to help the twins with their upcoming Avatar training, but they run into Kazashi and must end her terror on the temple or put an end to the Avatar forever.

05 Tales of Whale Tail Island: The team runs into a mysterious Firebender that has some unknown grudge against the Avatar. Will they be able to escape without getting burnt.

06 The Kyoshi Rebels: The team arrives at Kyoshi Island and meets a girl named Boufaita who tries to help the team survive against the dangerous female fighters known as the Kyoshi Rebels who torture the townspeople and must be stopped.

07 The Celebration of Avatar Day: The team lands in the town of Chin where they are celebrating Avatar Day, but the party is interrupted by both Zatari and Kazashi.

08 Journey for The Master: The twins seek their master at a local Earthbending training studio, an underground catacomb, and a worldwide Earthbending competition.

09 Sins of a Father: After the twins meet their long lost father he tells them the true story of their lives, while Zatari receives a message from the Fire Sages.

10 Adventures in Omashu: The team travels to Omashu in order for the twins to practice their Earthbending and they must protect the city from Kazashi and her army.

11 Journey to the Serpent's Pass: The team travels to the Serpent's Pass and are followed by Zatari.

12 The Pass to a New World

13 The Wall

14 The Lake of Lies and Secrets

15 Return of the Blue Spirit 1

16 The Legend of Iroh

17 Old Flames

18 Return of the Blue Spirit 2

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