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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Avatar: The Lost Earthbender
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The Legend of Korra

Avatar: The Lost Earthbender or in some regions Avatar: The Legend of Jing is a fanon story which was released on March 17th, 2015. Three months after Korra's final episode.


First Episode Plot

The plot of the series sets in the present day. After Korra died by a sudden illness, Jing was born into the Earth Kingdom as the Avatar. Song was stealing some artifact in the house and found Baby Jing waterbending his dribbles. Song knew he was the Avatar, so Song kidnapped Jing. Locked up for 16 years, it was Jing's 16th birthday and what he wanted was to go to Ba Sing Se just for one day. A Water Tribe girl named Luli and a Fire Nation boy named Chang were looking for shelter and found Jing's home. Jing offered them a place to stay. Luli and Chang knew that Jing was an Earthbender, but when Jing started Firebending to start the fire on the fireplace, they could not believe their eyes and now knew that they had found the next Avatar. Luli and Chang told Jing who he really was, though Jing did not understand what an Avatar was, which made him The Lost Earthbender.


Present Characters

Jing Luli Chang

Luli (left), Jing (centre) and Chang (right)

Jing Era Characters

  • Avatar Jing – Successor of Korra as the Avatar after her death due to an illness.
  • Luli – Friend of Avatar Jing, Luli is from the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Chang – Friend of Avatar Jing, Chang is from the Fire Nation.
  • Bo - A nonbending girl and a friend of Jing.
  • Yuki - Brother of Avatar Jing, Part Icebender.
  • Lu-Pan - A Badgermole, animal companion of Avatar Jing.
  • Chief Kang - Leader of the Icebending Colony.
  • President Ru - President of Republic City.
  • Honghui - Yuki and Avatar Jing's father.
  • Fung - Yuki and Avatar Jing's mother.

Korra Era Characters

  • Avatar Korra - Predecessor of Jing as the Avatar; basically, she is Jing.
  • Jinora - Granddaughter of Aang.
  • Asami - Friend to the late Korra, Jing's friend and guide.

Minor and Recurring Characters

  • Ting-Ting - Daughter of Avatar Korra.
  • Gus - Icebending Soldier. Appeared in Book One: Visions.
  • Song - Jing's 'mother', Kidnapper.

Future Characters

  • Ikki - Master Jinora's sister.
  • Rohan - Master Jinora's brother.
  • Tai - Fire Lord Izumi's great grandson (Zuko's second great grandson), joins Team Avatar later in the series.
  • Fire Lord Heng - Tai's father, Izumi's grandson.
  • 7th President of the Earth Kingdom - President of Earth Kingdom.


20-25 episodes are planned for each book.

Book One: Visions

# Chapter Title Date Released Chapter Description
1 Lost Earthbender Found March 17th, 2015 It is the introduction of Jing's childhood. On his 16th birthday, he learns his true self.
2 Avatar Jing Returns March 18th, 2015 Jing meets Avatar Korra for the first time and Jing is also in a sticky situation with his so called mother, Song.
3 The Missing Avatars March 22nd, 2015 Jing discovers there was more than one Avatar before Korra and learns their disappearance.
4 Psychic May 9th, 2015 Jing gets to see the future.
5 A Day at Avatar Korra Park May 10th, 2015 Team Avatar visits Avatar Korra Park to have some fun.
6 The Day of the Avatar May 12th, 2015 President of Republic City makes a holiday in honor of Jing's return.
7 Electricity Lockdown May 17th, 2015 The power in Republic City goes dead and Jing tries to return power.
8 Gameshow of Horror - Part 1: Enter the Games June 14th, 2015 Jing, Luli, Chang and Bo are kidnapped to play in a game show; if you lose, you die.
9 Gameshow of Horror - Part 2: The Extreme Laser October 22nd, 2015 Continuation of the last episode. Someone dies in the game show, but do they?
10 The Parent Search 2015 Finally, Jing tries to find his biological parents.

Book Two: Fire

SPOILERS: Jing finally starts his training, his firebending. After events of the finale of book one, things will never be the same again for Team Avatar.

Book Three: Air

SPOILERS: Jing begins airbending training, Jing's mistake may have divided all four nations.

Book Four: Water

SPOILERS: Series finale, Jing begins Waterbending training. This book will be a snow themed story.

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I Do Enjoy The Idea. The Whole Thing Being About An Earthbender, But I Must Say The First Episode Is Too Much Like Tangled But It's Still A Good Idea, I'd Give It Four Out Of Five Stars.

Toygoldenfreddy2 - **** stars


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