Prologue: The Invasion
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Chapter 1: The Search Ends

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The Invasion

Avatar Korra accomplished many thing in her lifetime. She defeated Amon, helped many poor families find homes, and even became a millionaire. But sadly, her life was cut short on December 25th, 299 AG. A man named Shi the Avatar mainly because she maintained peace so well. Shi hated peace. He only cared for pain and suffering of others. After three years of preparation, Shi took his army of 500 and stormed into Republic City. Shi's army destroyed tens of thousands of yuans worth of damage. The army killed 359 people as well. At 1:49 A.M. Shi snuck his way into Korra's estate and killed her. Korra tried the best she could to defend herself but years of relaxation had turned Korra from a strong, hotheaded girl into an easygoing, but weak old woman.

When Shi announced he had killed the Avatar at 2:24 A.M. everyone in the city was devastated. The Metalbending Police Force tried their best to kill Shi, but unfortunately for the metalbenders, Shi had more officers than them. The Police Force was starting to get a little worried when their booby traps didn't work as well as their sneak attacks. At 5:58 A.M. The Metalbending Police Force surrendered. The city now belonded to Shi. This event became what is known now as the Christmas Morning Massacre.

Shi wanted to make everyone in the city miserable. He started making laws that nobody agreed to. He made it so nobody could go outside except for one hour a day. He raised taxes constantly. He even outlawed Satomobiles. The Order of the White Lotus knew that Shi was going to rule Republic City until the new Avatar kills him. They also knew that not only would it take a while to actually find the Avatar, but it would take even longer for the new Avatar to be ready to fight Shi. The Order started the search.

One year passed and there was no sign of the new Avatar. Two years passes. A hundred claims have been made at this point, all false. Four years passed and the Order was starting to get worried. After ten years, The Order gave up the search. They assumed Korra went into the Avatar State while fighting Shi and was killed while in it. Shi started conquering many other cities. He eventually ruled over the entire Republic of Nations. In just six short years, the world was going to be his.

All hope was lost...

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