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The Rebellious Avatar
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The Rebellious Avatar

Jimu: M-m-m-m-matterbending?

Man: Yes, matterbending. The ability to bend anything that exists. We don't know how he has possessed this ability, but until we find out how to counteract this ability, you will stay in a high security room a few miles outside Republic City.

Jimu: What? That sucks! I'm not staying in any high security house, or whatever! That sounds boring!

Man: First of all, watch your attitude, young Avatar! Second, it's for your own good. Now you will be sent off to the high security location and that is final! Pack your things. You're leaving in the morning!

That night, Jimu started thinking of ways he could get out of going away. He thought for many hours and he came to the conclusion that the only way out was to run away to Aang's Memorial Island and try to live off what he could find there. Once he knew the man was sleeping, Jimu escaped out the window and started making his way into the streets of Republic City. There were guards everywhere. Jimu could either sneak his way around the guards until he gets to the lake or he could trap them all in ice, then make his way to the lake. Jimu was too lazy to sneak around Republic City for an hour so he waterbended all of the guards in sight and froze the water, freezing the guards in where they stand. Jimu made his way to the lake when a metalbender shocked him with an Equalist glove. (Equalist gloves turned out to be really effective for the Metalbending Police Force so they kept producing them after Amon was defeated) The metalbender took an unconscious Jimu back to the man. The man took Jimu back to his room and waited for him to awaken. About 4 minutes later, Jimu woke up.

Man: Well, young man, what do you have to say for yourself?

Jimu: I'm not going to just sit in a room all day and do nothing!

Man: You don't understand! It's for your own good! If you face Shi now, you're gonna die! You need to stay in the facility until you have built up enough strength to fight him!

Jimu: So when Shi dies, I can go back to my REAL life?

Man: Well...uh...yes.

Jimu got an idea. An idea he would soon regret. an hour later, Jimu was on the streets again. This time, he was going to sneak his way to Shi's estate and kill him. He would have to be very careful. Especially since it was a six-hour walk from the White Lotus Temple. Jimu had a good start. He was sprinting down the alleyways without being caught. At this pace, it would have only taken him four hours to get to Shi. Another hour passed by, and another, and another, and another. Then he could see it. Shi's estate. Just as Jimu had predicted, it was heavily guarded. Using all his strength, Jimu created an earthquake causing all the guards to flee in terror.

Jimu: Well...that was...easy.

He made his way towards the gates of the estate. As he was about to open them, a guard caught him.

Guard: Hey! What are you doing here?

Jimu tried to freeze him like he did to guards before him, but was too exhausted. Jimu was sent back to the temple. All his hard work was for nothing. The old man shouted at Jimu to awaken him

Man: Young man! I am furious with you! It was one thing when I thought you just went outside to clear your head, but now I realize that you were going to go kill Shi! What did I tell you! You will receive the maximum punishment I can give you for this.

Jimu: What are you talking about? You're not my mom or dad so how do you have the ability to punish me? I don't even know your name!

Man: I am Kuruk. And while I may not be your father, I am a member of the White Lotus and as you know, the soul purpose of the order is to protect the Avatar at ALL COSTS! I would get in massive trouble if the others knew that you got away when I am supposed to watch over you constantly. If I don't punish you, you won't learn from your mistakes and will just get into more trouble.

Jimu: What are you going to do?

Kuruk: You're leaving for the maximum security facility immediately.

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