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The Search Ends
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The Search Ends

The year is now 313 AG. In one year, the world will belong to Shi. The new Avatar is still nowhere to be found. But he's out there, hiding.

In the Southern Air Temple, the new Avatar, Jimu, is still debating whether or not to reveal himself to the world.

  • Flying Momo

    # Jojo, like Momo, can fly. However, Jojo is from the Spirit World. Jimu doesn't know this yet.

While in the Southern Air temple, Jimu met a female lemur who he named Jojo. Jojo always had something special about her that Jimu always liked. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, though.

Jimu: "Oh, Jojo. I don't know what to do. If I reveal myself, my life might be cut short. I don't want that! I want to live a long, full life. But Shi is causing so much devastation. AH!!! I don't know what to do!!! *sigh* I'll just meditate and see what that does.

The Avatar starts meditating. As he does so he relaxes more and more. He started feeling very calm. All of a sudden, he heard a voice. It was Korra.

Korra: Jimu!

Jimu: *GASP!* Who are you? You scared me!

Korra: I apologize. I am Avatar Korra. The Avatar before you.

Jimu: Oh. What do you want, Korra?

Korra: Jimu, you must not let your fears get the best of you. I know it's not easy to do, but if you let fear control your life, you're not gonna have a very happy life. You think I wasn't scared before I faced Amon? I was terrified. But I learned that fear is just an illusion. If you keep a focused mind, there's nothing you can't accomplish. It's time to come out of hiding, Jimu. The world needs you.

Jimu then sat there for an hour once again debating whether he should reveal himself or not. He eventually came to the conclusion that Korra was right. It was time. Over the next week, Jimu spent his time traveling from one city to the next. Jimu started to see the devastation that Shi had done. Jimu was almost moved to tears because he knew he was ready to face Shi when he was younger, but he didn't because he was to scared. He eventually reached Republic City. He had a very hard time getting around. Mainly because there was nobody on the streets to ask for directions.

Jimu: Where is everybody?

Guard: Hault! What are you doing out past curfew?

Jimu: Curfew? It's 2 in the afternoon!

Guard: Exactly! Citizens are only allowed outside from noon until 1! You're coming with me!

Jimu: NO!

Jimu then earthbended a big chuck of sidewalk and threw it on the guard. He ran as fast as he could. He saw a police car coming his way with the siren going off.

Jimu: Great!

Jimu firebended the cop car before the cops even got out of the car. He threw ice pellets at guards on the sidewalks to stun them. After knocking out dozens of guards, he was caught by what Jimu assumed was a guard. He couldn't see because whoever it was covered his eyes with a paper bag. Shortly after Jimu got caught, the mysterious man took the bag off Jimu's face.

Jimu: Who are you!? Let me go!

Man: Settle down, young Avatar. I am here to help.

Jimu: How do you know I'm the Avatar?

Man: I saw you bend earth, fire, and water. There's only one person in the world who can do that.

Jimu: Oh, right.

Man: I am a member of The Order of the White Lotus. Where have you been, young Avatar? Were you not aware of Shi and the devastation he caused?

Jimu: I've heard of Shi, I just didn't realize how much devastation he had caused until I left the air temple a week ago.

Man: Why were you hiding?

Jimu: I let fear run my life. But now, I'm ready to fight him!

Man: No, no you're not

Jimu: What? But I'm a powerful bender! I could take him down easily!

Man: You don't understand. Shi invented a new kind of bending.

Jimu: A new kind of bending? What is it?

Man: Matterbending

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