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Avatar: The Life and Journeys of Ursa



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Chapter 1

The opening chapter of The Life and Journeys of Ursa.


Ba Sing Se buildings

The area Ursa lives in.

Ursa was in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se as she was resting in her apartment. She opened up a picture and looked at herself during her other life as the princess of the Fire Nation and the wife of Ozai.

She put her hand over Zuko's face. She missed her son horribly. She also missed her daughter Azula. She had heard that she was sent to an asylum after losing her mind. Her poor girl, and it was her fault. She should have been there for her just as much as she had been for Zuko. She sighed. She couldn't look at the past, and she could only hope Azula would be okay and that somehow, she would know that her mother really did love her.

She knew her son as now the Fire Lord, but she had been unable to see a picture of him, so all she could really see was that ten-year-old boy dressed up in the Fire Lord's attire. She couldn't help but smile at the image. He would look so cute like that.

Ursa sighed. As she thought of Zuko and Azula, she couldn't help but think of her life in the Fire Nation Capital, at a time where life seemed a little brighter.

Author's Notes

This chapter sets up Ursa's connection with Zuko and Azula as well as setting up the first chapter, her time in the Fire Nation.


The prologue takes place shortly after Book 3.


  • The picture she has is meant to be a miniature version of the portrait in the beach house.
  • The smaller version is also a reference to The Last Airbender as Zuko had a similar picture he looked at early in the film.

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