Little Zuko and Ursa
Chapter 5
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Avatar: The Life and Journeys of Ursa



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Dai-Kon Hal

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The fifth chapter of The Life and Journeys of Ursa. It takes place during 75 AG.


After six years, Ozai was said to be coming home, and Ursa knew he hadn't found the Avatar. Just after he arrived though, Iroh walked up to Ursa with a smile.
"I've heard good news about my brother." Iroh said with a smile.
"What?" Ursa asked.
"He may have failed in his overall mission, but Father actually showed pride in his diligence and his recapturing of Han Tui." Iroh said, and Ursa as relieved. She was happy that finally, Ozai had gained his father's respect.

A short time after talking with Iroh, Ozai found Ursa. She noticed that Ozai was slightly taller than her now and he had started growing out a long beard.
Ursa smiled and said, "Ozai, welcome back."
Ozai grabbed her shoulder and kissed her on the lips, and Ursa kissed back.
A year later. Ozai and Ursa were married.
Two years later, he and Ursa had a son named Zuko, and two years later, Ursa had a daughter that was named Azula after Ozai's father. After Zuko's birth, Ozai restarted the family vacations to Ember Island he said his family took before his mother's death. Ursa thought it was a great idea.

One day on Ember Island, in the royal family's beach house, Ursa held up some wet clay to Zuko.
"Zuko," Ursa cooed. "Want mommy to show you something?"
Zuko simply giggled.
"Okay, put your hand in the clay, Mommy's holding." Ursa instructed.
Zuko did so, and made a small hand print.
"Now when you're all grown up like your daddy and Uncle Iroh, you can look at this hand print and remember the simpler times." Ursa said. "Now sweetie, wanna go to the beach and let the clay dry?"
Zuko nodded.
"Okay honey, come on." Ursa said gently as she put the clay down on the window sill to dry, picked up Zuko, and walked to the beach. Life was good.

Author's Note

This chapter was set up as the halfway point in the story.


  • The hand print Ursa helped Zuko make is explained.

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