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The third chapter of The Life and Journeys of Ursa. It takes place during 73 AG.


Six years later, Ursa had decided not to pursue training in Firebending as she wasn't interested in fighting, and she had fully blossomed into a woman, making her father nervous about her relationship with Ozai, but she had assured him that she would take things slow. One day, Ursa heard news that Ozai was going to have an Agni Kai with Iroh. She was alarmed as she was sure that no matter what the outcome, no good would come of a battle between brothers.

The day before the Agni Kai, Ursa was talking to Ozai; he had grown very muscular and slightly taller than her.
"Ozai," Ursa said. "Are you sure about this?"
"It's my only chance to prove to Father that I'm just as worthy of his attention as Iroh!" Ozai responded.
"But Ozai," Ursa pleaded. "You could die."
"No I won't." Ozai said confidently. "Iroh wouldn't take my life."
"I just don't-" But before Ursa could finish, Ozai came in and kissed her on the lips. She quickly pulled away.
"What the heck was that?" Ursa asked, shocked at what Ozai did.
"What?" Ozai asked back. "We're going to be married."
"In about nine years!" Ursa answered. "I told you, 'Let's go slowly.'"
"If we were going any slower we'd be going backwards!" Ozai answered back. "You're already my best friend!"
"Didn't you tell me last week that Iroh and I were your only friends?" Ursa said again.
"What are you the remember everything police?" Ozai said, the sarcasm hardly hidden.
"I just think it would be safer for us to wait." Ursa said calmly.
Ozai conceded. "Alright," he said.
As Ursa left, she sighed. She knew that she had wanted to continue the kiss, but she didn't want to risk something happening before they were married. It would break her father's heart.

On the day of the competition, Ursa came up to Ozai.
"Look, Ursa," Ozai said. "I'm sorry about being so brash."
"It's alright." Ursa said.
Ursa kissed Ozai's cheek.
"Good luck." Ursa said as she left to find her seat.

At the stadium, Iroh was at the right side of the stage, and Ozai stood at the left end of the stage. At the sound of the gong, they got into fighting positions. Ozai opened with a powerful fire blast! Iroh was barely able to deflect it! Iroh countered with a powerful fire blast of his own! Ozai easily deflected it. After an hour of this, Ozai unleashed the Breath of Fire technique at Iroh! Iroh deflected it, but was still knocked down by the force of the blast! The fight was over; Ozai had won. Azulon came up to the stadium.

After the fight, Ursa tried to meet up with Ozai to congratulate him, but she couldn't find him. Instead, she ran into Prince Iroh.
"Prince Iroh, where's Ozai?" Ursa asked.
"He is off to heal his wounded pride." Iroh said sadly. "After the battle, Father accused Ozai of spying on my training. He needs time to himself right now."
"Oh..." Ursa said. "Alright."
Ursa could tell that Iroh was as sad as her that Ozai had won and still didn't get the respect he deserved from Fire Lord Azulon.

Author's Note

The Agni Kai in this chapter is shown from Ursa's point of view, causing it to go much quicker than in The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai.


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