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Chapter 1

The First Chapter of The Life and Journeys of Ursa. It takes place in 60 AG.


Royal Palace Gardens

The pond Ursa used to play at.

Ursa was in her room in her father's house as she got dressed for the day. At three years old, all she had right now was her father, Kuzon. Her mother died giving birth to her, which saddened Kuzon greatly.
Ursa had long black hair that fell to her waist, and golden eyes like many other citizens of the Fire Nation.
Ursa walked downstairs and arrived at the breakfast table where her father Kuzon was. His hair was in a top knot like all Fire Nation citizens, and his black hair was so short, no hair hung down from the top knot.
"Eat up, honey." Kuzon said. "We're going to visit the palace today while I talk with Fire Lord Azulon."
"But Daddy," Ursa groaned. "I don't wanna play with Ozai. He's so bossy."
"Sorry kiddo, but that's that." Kuzon said.
"Okay, Daddy." Ursa sighed.
"Now, who's up for waffles?" Kuzon asked with a smile.
"Ooh, me, me, me!" Ursa said happily as she held up her hand.

At the court yard of the Fire Nation Palace, the two three year olds, Ursa and Ozai, were playing. Ozai had short black hair done up in a top knot with a special red flame styled holder reserved for the princes of the Fire Nation, and gold eyes that sparkled with charisma.
"Hey Ursa!" Ozai called out. "Wanna play a game?"
"What?" Ursa called out.
Ozai took an apple and put it on a rock twenty paces away.
"Whoever can hit that apple first gets to decide what to do for the rest of the day!" Ozai explained.
"Okay." Ursa said. She was very nervous She wasn't a very good Firebender, and it didn't help that she didn't practice it at all due to not liking that bending art in the first place.
Ursa went first and used her very poor Firebending that dissolved before it could even reach the half way point.
"My turn." Ozai said.
Ozai released a powerful wave of fire that perfectly roasted the apple.
"Do you have any sugar on you?" Ozai asked.
"No." Ursa responded.
"Okay." Ozai said. Then he turned and shouted at a servant, "Hey, you!"
"Yes sir?" the servant asked.
"Bring me some sugar!" Ozai demanded of the servant.
"At once sir." The servant replied.
Ozai smiled at how easily he could command the servants, but Ursa was just unnerved by Ozai's demanding ways.

Author's Notes

The second half of this chapter is the first chapter of The Rise and Fall of Fire Lord Ozai from Ursa's POV.


  • Ursa calling Ozai bossy and being nervous about his demanding nature alludes to what Ozai will become.

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