Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar: The Life After War in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar: The Life After War
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Avatar: The Life After War is a fanon created by Toph-metalbender371 (that's me). The third chapter is being currently written. The first and second chapters are finished and on this Wikia. Just Click on the link below called Where to Next. Or Training and Planning to view and read.

What's Happened Since The Series Ended?

Aang and Katara have married and had two children. Gyatso and Kya.

Sokka and Ty Lee have married and had two children and one on the way. Yue and Azula.

Zuko married Suki and have had three children. Umli, Kilya and Iroh.

Mai married haru and have had two children. Tysu and Bumi.

Toph is dating The Duke.

Six of these lucky children can bend. Gyatso can airbend. Kya can waterbend. Bumi can earthbend. Azula and Iroh can firebend, or in Sokka's case 'Jerkbend'.

Another thing that has happened after the war. Azula has been kept in a mental facility in the South Pole. Sokka's design of course. A young Southern Water Tribe warrior fell in love with Azula when she was marched through the village to get to her new home.

Momo has died. He died 6 years after the end of the series. Due to a poisoned moon peach. Sokka thought that they had lost him while they stopped for supplies. Aang was so upset that Momo died that he didn't talk to anyone for a month.

This fanon follows the lives of Aang, Katara, Zuko, Mai, Sokka, Suki, Toph, The Duke, Ty Lee, Haru, Azula and introducing Tarruk. And their children.

Preview of Chapter 1:

"HAHAHAHAHA. You got beat a girl!" Joked Toph. "It wouldn't be the first time. Remember, that's how we met," said Suki. "Oh HA HA HA make fun of the guy that spent 5 weeks in Wulong Forest looking for my space sword." "You wouldn't have found it if I hadn't of tripped you up!" Laughed Toph. "Hey I still had bruising for over a year after that." "Stop being a wimp Sokka! The bruising stayed for about a week not a year." Replied Toph. "And how would you know Miss I act all Tough but I can't even read or write!" "Don't talk to my... girlfriend like that!" Screamed The Duke "What are you going to... WAIT! Your dating Toph?" "He has been since Momo died!" Answered Toph. "WAIT... Momo died?" "Yeah he did. A poisoned moon peach. About 8 years ago" Said Aang mournfully. "I thought he just got lost one day when we were at a port getting supplies" "Yeah, well you were wrong," said Toph whilst punching Sokka on the arm. "OW!" "You big wimp" "I am not a wimp if anything I am a brave Southern Water Tribe Warrior."

Preview of Chapter 2:

Today was an important day. It was an ordinary nonetheless, but today was the day that Ty Lee was going to teach Yue how to walk on her hands. It wasn't going well. "Come on Yue it's easy just walk on your hands instead of your feet." Exclaimed Ty Lee. "I'm trying mummy!" Yue said falling over for the tenth time. As Ty Lee stood back on her hands Toph - who was standing near by – performed a quick flick of her wrist and Ty Lee was stuck to the ground and fell over backwards where Toph then stuck her feet to the floor with earthbending. "NOT funny Toph!" Yelled Ty Lee. "I dunno, I'm laughing over here. HAHAHA." "Let me go Toph, you know what condition I'm in!" "FINE!" And with a flick of her wrist Toph released the pregnant acrobat and walked away to go and find The Duke. "A word of advice Yue, don't ever walk on your hands near an earthbender. Especially Toph!" "Yes Mummy."


Chapter 1: Where to Next

Chapter 2: Training and Planning

Chapter 3: Hey, Where'd Azula Go?

Chapter 4: Goodbyes

Chapter 5: Omashu and a Baby

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