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The Lost Art
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The First Destination

"Goodbye, Pakku"! shouts Katara to Pakku.


Pakku rolls his eyes. "Goodbye, Katara. Take care of the waterbenders for me, if you don't get another Avatar mission." They both smile. "Goodbye, Avatar." Pakku bows down. "Take care of my grand daughter for me."

Aang bows down to Pakku as well. "Good bye and good luck."

Kanna stairs at Pakku. "Why do you have to go?" says Kanna roughly. "I will come back as soon as I can. If I ever want to stay here with you and the kids I need to train someone who is as good as Katara to be the new master of are sister tribe."

There was a cold silence until Hakoda showed up. "Sadly, my step-father isn't the only one that is leaving." Hakoda's family moves their heads in his direction. "I will still guard our tribe, but farther out." Silence falls again but this time, Katara and Sokka realize that it is them who will have to take the roll of keeping balance in the tribe. "Katara, you won't be completely alone. I have demanded that members of the Order of the White Lotus stay and watch over with you. I wouldn't be surprised if you go on another Avatar journey so the White Lotus will stay to help." Sokka and Katara give Hakoda a big hug and both ships leave. The wait for the ships to get farther to longer and longer until it became unbearable.

It was silent except for the movements of snow and the shivering of the frostbitten villagers. "Katara, would you mind taking Appa down to catch fish down by the warmer areas." said Kanna sadly.

"Of course, Gran-Gran." said Katara happily.

"I would ask your brother, but he seems busy," said Kanna. Katara and Kanna looked to their right and listened to Sokka's conversation.

"You guys are going to be the men of are tribe!" shouted Sokka.

"But I gotta pee!" a random kid shouted back.

Katara walked past Kanna and hopped on Appa. Aang walks over to Appa.

"Good luck, sweetie." Aang said delightfully.

Katara repeated what Aang said. "Yip yip"! Appa took off.

Katara's hair flowed with the crashing waves from the nearly-frozen water. Katara analyzed her moving surrounding. All ice. The repeating colors of white and blue stopped at a small cliff made of rock, but what had really confused Katara saw the falling object under it. She flew closer and closer to find it was a boy. She commanded Appa to speed up. "Come on, Appa! We have to save him!" Katara lifted her arms and swayed them. The water followed. Katara lifted her arms up, and the waves mimicked her movements and the water caught the boy. Appa had finally got to the boy. "Are you okay?" Katara asked, worried.

"Ugh, I' stomach." he groaned.

"Don't worry. I know how to heal." Katara lifted her hands gently with water to fallow. she cover the glowing water on his stomach. "Better?" said Katara calmly.

"Yes, thank you. Can you please take me back up?" said the kid but much better.

"Sure." And Appa elevated them farther up. Katara was the first person to get off. "Who hurt this kid!?" Katara shouted.

"Me. What you gunna do bout it?" Both were eye-to-eye. Then the kid threw a ball of water forcefully at Katara. Katara had easily reflected it back to the kid who shot it, with a quick strike of water after it to. The kid who attacked was on his toes about to fall off the cliff, but Katara tripped him and froze his feet to the edge of the cliff.

"Now why did you hurt him?" said Katara wit a smirk on here face. The boy was still screaming, but to Katara's pleasure.

"HEY, You!" everybody's heads turned. An angry lady came marching out. "Who do you think you are?!"

Katara stumbled a bit. "Ummm, my name is Katara of the Southern Water Tribe."

The lady had a weird look on her face."I would think. Do you have a reason for doing this to him?"

Katara's face grew long and mean."YOU SEE ME FREEZE HIM TO A SIDE OF A CLIFF BUT YOU DIDN'T SEE HIM KNOCK A BOY OFF THE SAME CLIFF!" Katara pointed to the boy who had fallen.

The lady walked over to the boy and takes him out of Appa. "Tenaga, are you okay? It would be terrible if one of the last energybenders have died I ..."

Katara's head perked up. "An energy bender?" Katara ran up to the boy. "So, what's your name, and what is energybending?" Katara said excitedly.

"Hehe, my name is Tenaga and, well...energybending is a special art that very few people know in are time. Well the only ones left might be me and the Avatar."

"The Avatar! I know him; in fact he is my boyfriend!"

"That's amazing! If you don't mind, can I meet him?"

"Of course, Aang would love to meet a one of a kind bender." Katara had searched through her brain and remembered what her father said before his absence: "Katara I wouldn't be surprised if you have to go on another mission with the Avatar again."

"Before we leave to meet the Avatar, can I bring a friend with me?"

The girl walked out next to Santo. She had shiny brown hair and her bangs looked as if they where dyed. "Hi I am Tahun."

"Nice to meet you, my name is Katara." Katara and the new friends left to go to the Southern Water Tribe. Of course, like always, the tribe is paranoid by the new people.

Sokka is skeptical of the new kids. "Who are these people, Katara?"

"They are Tenaga and Tahun. Santo is here to see Aang."

Aang walked out happily. "Hi, I'm Aang."

"Hi, I'm Tenaga."

"So, what can I do for you?"

"Well, I am the last energybender and I thought you might know how to bend some to."

"What does energybending include?"

"Colorful lights, forceful attacks, some masters can even take bending away."

"I can take bending away!"

"I'm not alone!"

Tenaga and Tahun hug, but Aang's face grew somber.

"You might be the last of your kind, too?"

"Sadly, yes. My people have died from the Hundred Year War and I didn't get to learn much about them. I would love to find scrolls or a lion turtle or something like that."

"We have been to a library with every collection of knowledge available, and I have seen a lion turtle before."

"That's great!"

"So how exactly do you become an energybending master?"

"Accessing the Spirit World. And learning all four elements."

"Isn't that Avatar business?"

"Hehe, being an energybender means you can bend any form of energy. Me as an energy bender can left the elements by bending the energy inside the element. Its crazy, but true."

Tenaga raised his arms and slowly pulled his hands back and moves the bitter cold snow on the snowy ice berg, revealing the lonely rock that sits beneath the bent snow.

"WOW! That's amazing!" Aang bowed down "I'm proud to be in the presence of the last energybender."

Tenaga bowed down "Ditto. WAIT...hehe, I meant airbender not energybender... because of course...I'm...the know what I mean."

Katara walked over to the conversing boys. "Umm, Aang I want to talk to you for a second." Katara and Aang move away from the boy." Aang, I have a feeling that we should train him."

"You mean, like another journey?"

"Yes. You see, we trained you because you are the last of your kind AND not to mention you are the Avatar and needed to be trained. Now he is the last of his kind and he needs to master his lost art or no body can."

"I'm all for a journey, but you need to look after the tribe."

"Solved. I have a group of people from the Order of the White Lotus who promised to guard if I ever leave."

"Let's do it."

They both walk to Tenaga. "So how would you feel to go on a journey with me, Katara and Sokka to train you and your friend in bending?"

"YES! I would love that, I need to master the lost art, and when I'm traveling, I can get experiences from any one we meet!"

Sokka walked over to the talking four. "Sooo, it wasn't clear, but am I going on another journey?"


"Alright, let's pack and go." Everyone looked at Sokka. "What, I have been staying here for the last month with no action. I need this." It was confirmed. Everyone packed and hopped on Appa. "Yip-yip!" Appa groaned and took off. The groan echoed and echoed over the seas. "raaaaar!"

"Leader, did you hear that?"

"Yes, and it seems we have company."

To be continued in chapter 2 book 1 the first destination.

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