Avatar: The Legend of the Last Energy Bender: The First Destination
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the Lost Art

"WOW! This beast is flying!" I said loudly.

"Eh. Calm down. You do once you do a thousand times. From now on we are typicality going to live up here," said Sokka, bored.

"Well I don't believe we have met," I said calmly.

"I know a game we can play to get us acquainted easily," said Katara. "Now all you have to do is describe who you are and where you are from," said Katara again cheerfully. "Now Aang, you first."

"Well I'm Aang and I am...the Avatar?" Aang shrugged.

"Okay then, Sokka your next."

"I'm Sokka my life is sarcasm, meat and war."

"Very nice, Sokka," said Katara sarcastically. "Well, I am Katara, I used to be the last waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe, but now that some benders from the north moved in, I'm not alone anymore," Katara said happily.

"I want to go next!" shouted Tahun. "Well, my name is Tahun and I badly need to learn waterbending and my parents died at a young age."

"Well, looks like I'm the last one. Well, I'm Tenaga. I am the last energybender, umm...oh yah, my parents died because of the Fire Nation and so did my people." Every one stared at me.

"There it is!" shouted Aang.

"What?" I said crawling from one side of the saddle to the other.

"The Air Temple! It's where I grew up." Aang looks at us. "Can we please go here? Just for the day?" said Aang in a begging matter.

"I gu..."


Appa turned and landed on a cliff side. Aang ran off. "I guess we are to our selves." Every one walked away in different directions.

Katara and Tahun

"So I know you have a lack of waterbending knowledge," said Katara to Tahun.

"Yah, but I don't know why! I stand the stances, I move the movements, and I do what the masters do but every time end up with a frozen wimpy bubble that just makes things WET!!!!!" Tahun voice echoed through the dusty halls they walked through.

"Things like this take time. I had trouble two years ago just like you." There's was a moment of silence as they walked down the hall. "You know what, I can teach you now."


"Yes, but we need a water supply." The two ran to find a body of water in which they could practice. They searched in the winter cold rusty mountain for a place to bend. Tahun had spotted a place. "Wow great spot," said Katara amazed. They looked out on to a large sparkling pond with a waterfall filing it with water. The water gently slid down the rocky mountain side.

"Now water is about emotions. It moves with you. Imagine it as gentile sways not compact pushes and punches." Katara picked up her hands and swayed them back and forth. The water started as a globe full of water arising from its spot. Katara didn't stop the swaying movement. The water became more elastic through its limits. "See. Now you try."

Tahun lifted her hands. She was afraid of the waters movement. She shivered and so did the bubble. The water had split into and popped back into the water.

"No, no, no, see here. Your stances aren't solid. If you stand like that it makes you unbalanced. Stand with this leg out farther and this leg down to a crouch. Now bend."

She lifted her arms and bent. The water flowed as it did with Katara.

"Good, now you know the basics. We are going to work on one move. This is compacting water. This is good for big needs water wise. This takes work."

Tahun again lifted her hands and swayed them into one spot. "Ughh, Katara!" she dropped the water.

"Now pretend you are going to lift the pond upwards. You have to do what you did before, but add as much water as you can."

Tahun lifted her hands once more. She took a deep breath and went into her stance. Her hands moved nonstop water built up. Then Momo came with a note.

Aang and Momo's story

"Isn't it great to be back Momo? The fresh air, the great views." Aang grows a sober face. "Though it's still missing something. Its people." Aang stands up and walks farther. He grows a happy face again. "You know, Momo, last year we didn't check out the vegetation room." Aang looks at Momo.

"Brrringbum," said Momo.

Aang started to run. "Come on, Momo!" Aang stops at a large gate. "How do you operate this door?" Aang moves around finding a switch or a key.

"Eererer," said Momo as he crawled in to a small hole.

Aang looks inside the miniature hole Momo went through. "Momo what are you...." Aang saw Momo standing, paralyzed behind the hole. "No way."

Momo was gazing at a baby sky bison and a group of ring tailed lemur bats. As soon as Aang spotted it he twirled his staff then in one final blow he blasted the door away.

"Wow I can't believe it!" Aang kneels beside the animals. The sky bison wakes, but he was terrified and guarded the lemurs. "Don't worry. I'm from here just like you." Aang points at his arrow. The lemurs pop their head out behind the bison and look at the bison's arrow on his head.

"I need Katara." Aang air slices a piece of bamboo that was grown in the vegetation spot and sliced part of the bamboo so he could roll it out. Aang picked up a rock and rote on the bamboo: Katara I found important animals. Need you here now. Aang attached the note to Momo. " Go to Katara, quick!" Momo flew off. "Come on, come on!" Aang waited for Momo to appear. One of the lemurs crawled on Aang. "It's alright little buddy."

Katara, Habana, and Momo appeared through the thick mist. "What is it a..." silence came through Katara. "Aang, I know what you are thinking but we can't take them."

Aang was about to argue but before he could his face became sober again. "Then where will they go?"

Tahun watched was going down then she spoke. "I vote they stay here." They all looked at me. "You see, we can give them supplies of food and keep them here hidden till we have a place to put them."

"Aang, that could work," said Katara. "And I have an idea to keep them here. Aang! Get some food, Tahun you know what to do."

Katara and Tahun stared at each other and bent waves of water into the edges of the garden. Aang came back with seeds and leaves for the babies to eat. "We are done."

Aang leaned towards the baby animals. "Don't leave her please." Aang left. "Katara, we can't have anybody know about them."

"Hmmmmm. Well Aang, do you know how to take air away from a space?"

"I don't know but can try." Aang swayed his hands in a circular movement and created a large ball of air, growing larger and larger. The cold wisps of air flew by us creating a large winter cold vortex. After the air was taken, the doors slammed into a shut close. "Good bye friends, I will see you again." whispered Aang.

Sokka and Appa's story

"SNNOOORREEEE, wewewewewe.......SNOREEEEE wewewewewe"

Tenega's story

I walk along the dust edge of the temples railing. The place was dusty but if you look beside all the dirt and dust, this place is a beautiful monument representing how the airbenders once lived. I wipe my cold frozen hands across the walls of the temple. As I was swiping my hands started to unfreeze. I quickly looked at my hands to see a green light surrounding my hand. At times I think of this green colour as a giant burden I have to carry because of peoples death. Mind stops for a minute. I think of Aang, he has all he needs and remains happy though knowing of what he carries. I wish to handle things more like him.

I walk down the dark rocky street. Rooms everywhere but all empty. I look at the sign at the end of the walk: Training. I turn to see a giant field and a big entrance for a room. I don't want to go inside. Thinking of dead people is enough, to see their skulls would be torture to me.

I walk down the path then CLINK! A metal chain constricted around my leg. I scream and try to bend my way out, but it wouldn't let go of my body. Another chain got arm and soon enough, both hands and legs were taken by the cold metal. The chains quickly dragged me in the training room. It was dark but I feel the people torturing me. I fight with a quick defensive energy jab. And knock one out but everything stops when a fire was lit. My eyes were hurting with the image of what I saw. A group of people wearing skulls. They all wore something similar to Fire Nation armour on their torso and legs. The one walking towards me had different but similar clothing. This one had a skull on its head. He wouldn't talk. I struggle trying to escape. The man put his cold bony hands on my chin and lifted it up. He through my head down then raised his leg and slammed his foot on my head.

I fell down. Blood ran down my mouth. The man walked away. When his crew of skeleton masked people all looked towards him I looked at my hands knowing how to escape. I move my hand slightly making my hand green. The chain melted. Once the man realizes I can escape he runs after me. I bend a wall of ice trying to escape. I make quick turns trying to escape. I look back to see if anyone has caught up. The leader was running with his crew drop dead behind him. I take my arm and bend a quick green blade that crashes in front of the leader. He jumps out of the smoke and chases me. When I finally reach the rest of my friends. "EVERYONE HOP ON APPA NOW! YIP YIP!" I escaped.

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